Tuesday, June 27, 2017



how are you all doing? i hope it's all good😊

i have finally started working on the faerie tales of violette's 3rd issue which i have named faith hope & love. it came to me the other day when i wrote a poem to go with one of my faerie images for the swedish church magazine here in london, kyrkobladet's next issue which theme is changes (förändring). my poem finished with just that, dear god in the heavens help me have faith hope & love. a poem about a journey of a change i did not want and about acceptance and moving forward.  my magazine will come out right before fall, a season with so much changes in nature a sort of starting over and such thingies. 
the 2 came together beautifully👰

cover photographed by camilla slertman and styled by linda marina portman
svieta wears a dress by marc jacobs
back cover art by dilka bear

independent magazine

 i interviewed dilka bear for our 2nd issue, i am a f. w. 

there will be magic inside this issue:)))

independent magazine

in the future i am to have cuteness tiny parties as organized by the faerie tales of violette. poetic afternoons. i have played around with invitations:)
these are all self-portraits of mine, part of my faeries of the flower series.
paperless post

paperless post

played with various backs.
flowers & a sort of a heaven!
paperless post

a flat that is evolving.
my flowers from columbia road's flower market i have now dried:)
artist house

artist house

found these 2 on my desktop. 
part of my faerie series but sort of the more of least faves.
alice solantania saga

summer fairy

this is from my morning the other day, such a lovely wild garden 
i passed by while walking towards the forest:) 
which too now includes baby bunnies💓💓💓
a purple wild garden

oh and yes
 i can not wait for sofia coppola's new move to come to london. 
the beguiled💜💜💜💓💓💓💝
such an inspiration sofia is. 
july 14 come on now! 

lovely creatures see you next week💜
faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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