Thursday, July 13, 2017

saatchi magic with my fine art photography, the faerie tales of violette & some summery vintage outfits:) also a tiny bit of sunshine happiness!!!

hey wonderful creatures💜

how are you all? i hope you are doing all gratefully wonderfully beautifully😊

here in my land, things are! i guess some kind of finally wonderful:))))

today i registered for 2 new art classes starting this october & i can not wait!!! yesterday i finally had my roots done by my lovely simon and tomorrow = the camera cafe which hopefully can help with my camera not working at the moment plus get new film for my analogue one. saturday is ballet at pineapple studios. this is so wonderful to have the will energy desire to be back again.

created some postcards that i am to have as a business card. this is the back of it:) as you can see it is the proof version💜
alice saga

 if you fall in love with any of my works i'd be so happy if you bought some prints as gifts or even perhaps for your own wonderful wall? i think there is to options to buy postcards and such thingies of my work:)!? 
alice saga saatchi

alice saga saatchi

am to create a new collection on my saatchi page
filled with my faeries of the flower series
think i'll choose 7-13
screengrabbed my desktop...😊💕💜💕💜
alice saga
the desktop is just like ones brain...!!!

  a couple of images i think is a yes💜😊
alice saga

self portrait

the image below i am to create as a postcard:)
  it will say
i wish you a sweetness goodness day💜
would it not be lovely to be of the receiving end of getting such a card? it means someone has gone the extra tiny mile to write you something special and to know that the person has you in their loving thoughts💝

i finally had my roots done with simon💜
can't say how happy i am feeling a tiny pretty again:)))
butchers shoreditch london
soon i might use some make up once in a while!!!

artist style

wonders of building up my life:)
artist home
so here goes some
tiny sections from my flat:)
artist house interior

artist home

in search of beauty
theydon boys


my saturday:)
ballet russes
ballet russes & candy sweetness😊

creation creation creation
a faerie heaven of sorts
pink heaven

summer as you know is going on
some outfits this past week😊
almost all clothing & accessories are vintage


vintage style

vintage style

vintage style

oh and yes, i have a lovely dress to sell on etsy, price can be negotiable:) it's a silk mixed fabric peter pan collared dress in off white.

violet magic

i'll leave you 
my ever source of inspiration 
the ballet charismatic wonder
anna pavlova

devour your weekend 
faith hope love
alice saga

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