Monday, August 07, 2017

a cherry blossom girl. a summery faerie. and some rapunzel wonders:)

hey  lovely beautiesπŸ’“

i hope you are having a lovely august:) 

here in epping it has been sunshine mornings with loads of devouring the beauty of the abundance of nature we have here. every morning there is life to fall in love with. we have such bambi's. such flowers. such greenery. 

i have met people recently that has added blessings to my life so am very grateful for that. one day at a time to grow the magic. i can not wait for october strangely enough ( i love summer), and it has to do with the fact that my art classes starts then. to have that = gold!


i will be 
she's landing in london today! with of course my dear as i call him, my step father.
tomorrow = wonders in london
tuesday they are to visit me & my lovely flat, we are to have coffee chocolate wine with a beautiful family conversation.
today i have organized a tiny bit, especially things
  i have laid down on the floor...πŸ˜‚ hallelujah!
a neverending story of being disorganized.

have too been working manipulating older thingies of mine
the below two images is from my first ever created self-portrait series 
the cherry blossom girl
a week in dulwich the spring of 2014
fine art photography


i have sent out some images for maybe magic to happen in my life
it's from my series
faeries of the flowers
as created in richmond the summer of 2015
and manipulated these past few months
kew gardens

dulwich woods

fine art

a morning porch magic beauty wonder

another one with a furry perfection:)))

i am now drying my lovely bouquet 
it goes so well with my dress from monsoon
quirky fairy tale home
i am building upon my dream
my work with all wonderous inspirations
to be surrounded at all time with all that i love

here's some
summery summery happy outfits of mine
all vintage unless otherwise stated
vintage quirky outfit
sandals by saltwater

quirky outfit
calvin klein sunnies
zara dress

quirky vintage
balenciaga sunnies
primark hoodies

i have devoured this disney magic movie:)))
i am a sucker for disney so 
i do subscribe 

on a portrait

oh, mystery of beauty! who can tell
thy mighty influence? who can best descry
how secret, swift, and subtle is the spell
wherein the music of thy voice doth lie?

here we have eyes so full of fervent love,
that but for lids behind which sorrow's touch
doth press and linger, on could almost prove
that earth had loved her favourite over much.

a mouth where silence seems to gather strength
from lips so gently closed, that almost say,
"ask not my story, lest your hear at length
of sorrows where sweet hope has lots its way."

and yet the head is borne so proudly high,
the soft round cheek, so splendid in its bloom,
true courage rises thro' the brilliant eye,
and great resolve comes flashing thro' the gloom

oh, noble painter! more than genius goes
to search the key-note of those melodies,
to find the depths of all those tragic woes, 
tune thy song right and paint rare harmonies.

genius and love have each fulfilled their part,
and both unite with force and equal grace,
whilst all that we love best in classic art
is stamped for ever on the immortal face.

jula margaret camereon
september, 1875

such beauty

happy august and see you next week
faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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