Thursday, August 24, 2017

for the gift of life & for the beauty of the earth

hey wonders😊

happy august💜

how are you all doing? are you ready to embrace the magic of our fall? here in wonderland we are SO ready! routines wonderfulness💕💜💕💜  i will take classes in art, ballet, gymnastics & singing and i just can't wait!!! hopefully too poetry. which i i too from heart once in a while write/ create, well i have taken a few classes (in the spring of last year) but there is a million to learn and also to discover in poetry faerie i decided to try create a weekly little film where i read a poem i found magically wonderful, see further down in this blogpost for some quirkyness😂

a few weeks back i ordered some creations by the much talented simona candini, in fact 2 of her mermaid prints (click here for her etsy shop) and not only did i fall madly in love with these 2 the mademoiselle too gifted me a drawing (or shall one say sketch?) and this one is too now up decorating my wall💜💕💜 simona wonderful candini thanks so much!!!😊 too a lovely note which i will save foreverandever was gifted me. see my wall with her magic further down in this post.

artist home
wearing a baum und pferdgarten blouse & top shop bubble skirt

still re-working images from my 
the cherry blossom girl
a time of needing beauty in order to get out of my own self
cherry blossom girl

here's one from my faerie of the flowers series
faerie summer

the cherry blossom twins😊
cherry blossoms

my wall which now has additions of simona candini beauty,
 see the mermaid? it is MINE:))) see her sketch/ drawing? it is to the left of her magic mermaid💜
artist home

my second print by simona ended up here💜
art faerie magic

meet hope:)
you'll too meet her in my little film!
antique doll

flower doll vintage home

i am part of the swedish church magazine in london, called kyrkobladet, once in a while and i am in the newest issue which is called förändring (changes). last year was traumatic for me and it has taken a long time to almost be back on my 2 feet. so loads of changes has been going on! my spread in this magazine is a self-portrait and a very personal poem i specifically created for this issue.
kyrkobladet london
my spread💜
kyrkobladet magic

faith hope love

i was uprooted from my garden 
the garden where my sweetness gave me love
the place i had borne fruit
my faerie tale
an unknown took place
where all i had loved was taken

laughter where did you go?
gratitude where did you go?
safety where did you go?
dear god in the heavens where did you go?

sweetness i miss you
sweetness i miss you
sweetness i miss you

 along the journey
the beauty of life started to shine through
blue heavens
sunshine stroking my cheeks
blooms blossoming in rose violettes blues greens
in millions of shades
baby deer’s & bunnies everywhere
flowering butterflies
a world of smiles

the gift of new life
such joys
such happiness
i prayed 
dear god in the heavens help me
trust your way
and for me to
 embrace the magic
faith hope

- by me alice saga

morning walk findings💓
blooms blooms blooms
nature nature nature
happiness gratefulness
flower magic

nature beauty

poetry moments
reading the poem:
for the beauty of the earth
folliott sandford pierpoint

some film stills
artist home

simona candini
as you might know, i interviewed simona for our 2nd issue by the faerie tales of violette:)

my hope💜
antique doll

quirky artist

artist house ballerina

artist tea coffe home

outfits of this past week
vintage vintage vintage

quirky style
an h&m jumper with my top shop skirt and saltwater sandals that i have worn throughout the whole of england's summer.

i'll leave you this week with magic inspiration
this talented photographer will be part of our
faerie tale of violette family💜😊
alicja rodzik

faith hope love happiness i wish you
alice amorina solantania saga

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