Friday, December 08, 2017



it has been a day:)))
 friday magical beautiful wonders. starting with a lovely walk early early and cold cold but came home to a tea i nowadays devour, choco by yogi (such sweetness deliciousness) to be specificπŸ’œ with some stevia. then my art class that i love as taught by a wonderful inspirational kindness teacher jason rose. created an angel nun yet to be finished, as of now it's an acrylic painting but i am to add a victorian scrap and some glitter before showering it with beeswax for a luxurious finish:)πŸ’

and i can not wait for next week!
 my friday art class will gather afterwards to celebrate us being together creating together and for future wonders:) i think hope i will bring some sweetness to this gathering:) and by that i mean i really wanna bake something sweet for this to bring to the pub where we are to have drinks. 

how are you all doing? i so hope you are feeling the christmas wonders coming along!?
i am trying to sort out a corner for my christmas tree, i have saved sought for christmas decorations in the charity shops around here:))) so i have some beauty to add to my artist home:)

 i have played around with this image
it was a frosty morning in epping forest
and it captured my heart

a tiny corner of my hallway
dried flowers

the dance of wonder
an image from my 
i am a dream
inspiration isadora duncan forever

i got a festive diadem for rosie:) 
it is soon christmas after all
some corners of my little one bedroom flat

jason rose taught me various techniques of using acrylics
this is my renoir blue lady my way:)

this victorian calendar is from liberty
so far the happenings/ stories are just magically unfolding behind each day

my little hallway:)
i am mixing my own art work with works found in charity shops. of course all flowers i receive i will hang up side down to drie to keep the love and maybe use in later art works of mine

lisa lily rose
how do i thank thee?
let me count the ways
dear you thank you thank you for my faerie gift as found in japan
thank you for the unicorns
for the cutest little snailmail letter
a lovely envelope sealed with flora flora flora
i am sending you such gratitude & love
thank you
i am devouring your gift & will do forever
sisters in spirit
lisa lily rose is our faerie editor 
the faerie tales of violette
and thank goodness a wonder in my life

the mirror selfie:)
h&m knit with trumpet sleeves
monsoon flowery printed dress
vintage cardie
zara stockings

decay nature nurture magic
 flowery perfection beauty

as of late i am obsessed 
the three graces

the daughters of zeus
thalia - youth & beauth
euphrosyne -  mirth
aglaia - elegance

here are a few interpertations
of wonderfully talented artists:)

emile vernon

edourad bisson

jean baptiste regnault

pierre mignard

 giovanni battista naldini

 alfred edward chalon

i think it completely fits with my 
faith hope love
more on that later
alice amorina solantania saga

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