Friday, December 15, 2017

I Am A Spirit of the Rose You Wore To the Dance

hey beautiful spirits👰

it's almost almost christmas and i have started to decorate my tiny flat:))) some bows and a wreath with my dried flowers... the tree is up but only a fraction of the glitter and such is in it as of yet. i think i will have it done by tomorrow. 
how are you doing with it all?
 my aunt with hans is coming to visit me so i am to be a host:) 

 i woke up with a fever saturday morning so my weekend did not start out that great...this was a day i was supposed to have my roots feel a little bit more beautiful when i look in the mirror. life happens.

sunday i was far from well
 but had to go to the food store and a winter wonderland had happened💕💜💕👰
such magic beauty
epping can be such a treasure

a couple of outfits since i saw you last😊

all by top shop
except glasses that are from h&m
stockings are from zara

my wall at the moment
an addition
as created by the wonderful
see the pink butterfly girl in the middle?
the wonderful magic mermaid is by the lovely lovely simona candini, whom was part of our 2nd issue by the faerie tales of violette. my interview with her was so inspirational.

this calendar is a daily delight in my december life

my art table:)
i love my angel calendar too:))) it's for every day the rest of my life.
 wonderful messages💜

a mixed media piece i have created lately

these 2😂
cuteness twins

i am a dream
a series i created weekly in a studio, spring of 2016 
which i am now creating magic magic upon

a process
saint rose of lima 
from a book i am so grateful to own
nature and its symbols
my art teacher jason rose copied & enlarged the above angel image which i then did an image transfer with on a painted with acrylics paper. then photographed it and in photoshop she went:)

i am a spirit of a rose you wore to the dance

very inspired by the poem, le spectre de la rose ( the ghost of the rose)
 by théophile gautier,
 which was the inspiration for

open your eyelids now closed
that brush on a maidens dream;
i am the ghost of a rose
that you wore at the ball last night.
you plucked me still silvered with pearls
sprinkled like tears from the hose,
and throughout the glittering scene
paraded all night was i seen.

o you who caused my death
unable to chase it away
throughout the night, my ghost of a rose
will come to dance by your bed.
but have no fear, i shall claim
no mass nor de profundis;
this faint perfume is my soul
and from parardise do i come.

my destiny may serve for envy;
for no better death could one have
than thus to have given ones life.
for, i have your breast as my tomb
and there one the headstone where i respose
a poet has left me a kiss
and written: "here lies a rose
of which, kings are inclined to be jealous".

- le spectre le la rose
théophile gautier
the ghost of a rose
translated by david paley

i am a spirit of a rose you wore to the dance

faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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