Monday, February 19, 2018


that would be me


finally had my roots done:)
magic by a simon at butchers in shoreditch
both jumpers from next and denims by juicy couture

 it's been a few weeks, as i told in my previous blogpost i am building new habits for my 2018! so excited about this. so there are new daily, weekly & monthly habits for me:) finally i am now adding this blog as a weekly. hopefully to always publish on a monday. i am too adding a weekly artist date (famously known from julia cameron's book the artist way) which will happen tomorrow, i am going to the lovely wallace collection in marylebone:) 💜😊i have kept up my daily journaling & art creation which have me be such a happy person.

played with my camera & photoshop plus picmonkey
 tiny dried flowers on a cute kitchen cloth from marks & spencer
on top of my scanner...!!!
small spaces😊

my table that i "set" 3 times a day for various things

the most important thing being creating art

i joined life book 2018 as created by the amazing human being tamara laporte
a year filled with art as taught by her & some other amazing girls/ ladies.

each day is learning by doing

a friday art class moment
taught by the wonderfully amazing jason rose
here's my little art work following his demonstration😊

i am writing prose / a poem for the swedish church next issue and am looking for an image to go with it and found some polaroids i took in the spring of 2016
kew gardens & the lovely house with cherry blossoms is in dulwich village
before epping i lived almost 8 years in dulwich if you did not know:)

i have so many images from my little flat, will show more next time or so. the art materials is not really supposed to be there. they are supposed to be in various buckets...
see my little polaroid portfolio:)? it's a collection of girls i photographed in my garden in east dulwich, which i too styled most of them for the french publication crash magazine. the cover is of jessie dunne and this shoot was for that magazine. such a lovely girl she is.

some outfits since i saw you last!!!
the day after simon had done my roots:) 
wearing a zara girl dress & a marc by marc jacobs hair pin

a vintage prairie dress with a jumper from next

a school girl shirt with peter pan collar from marks & spencer, next dress and a vintage cardie from beyond retro

h&m jumper with a prada dress worn beneath

a princesse outfit
a personal project

inspiration for the dress above:)))

open your eyelids now closed
that brush on a maidens dream;
i am the ghost of a rose
that you wore at the ball last night.
you plucked me still silvered with pearls
sprinkled like tears from the hose,
and throughout the glittering scene
paraded all night was i seen.

o you who caused my death
unable to chase it away
throughout the night, my ghost of a rose
will come to dance by your bed.
but have no fear, i shall claim
no mass nor de profundis;
this faint perfume is my soul
and from parardise do i come.

my destiny may serve for envy;
for no better death could one have
than thus to have given ones life.
for, i have your breast as my tomb
and there one the headstone where i respose
a poet has left me a kiss
and written: "here lies a rose
of which, kings are inclined to be jealous".

- le spectre le la rose
théophile gautier

the ghost of a rose
translated by david paley

i am a spirit of a rose you wore to the dance

would love to shoot it here

the magic of pergola gardens 💜

faith hope love
from yours truly
alice saga

see you next week:)))

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