Monday, April 30, 2018


hey wonderful creatures!!!

i hope your spring is amazingly beautiful. 
i am devouring such blossoms!

the weather though...ohlalala!
trying to stay joyful and grateful despite rain and hard winds, 
it is such a challenge:(

anyways, i have finished the wonderful book of 
mr e.m forster
such a delight it has been to this language of his

now i have started a new series by mr terry pratchett, a triology and i am on book one
it is so far
magically fantastically wonderful:)) 

this past week i helped out at the wonderful haven house in epping with a carol as my manager (meet our allie here
another day 
i too helped out preparing for a big luncheon at the swedish church in marylebone:) such fun that was. i am to continue help out at the swedish church:) 

i too have a new bonnet as created by an adorable talent, starlite whose shop is on etsy.
it's for an upcoming self-portrait shoot of mine.
what do you think? what outfit would you imagine me having?

a close up of the bonnet starlite created for me:)))
is it not SO beautiful???😊
she is now to create a bonnet fitted a nun or such a creature:)))

i bought some roses for my flat 
and after a couple of days i decided to hang them dry
but before doing so i created a little still life photo

the beauty of spring
new life wherever one glances

the outfit i had for my time helping at haven house:)))

an outfit for the swedish church helping decorating setting the
spring luncheon table. 
on my way to church i came across this beauty by the wallace collection building in marylebone

our church:)))

too helped out with the flower decorations

here is one table,
we had three of these
83 lovely wonders were to devour a spring lunch:)))

what can i say?
how much do i love thee
let me count the ways;0)!!!

this garden is outside my art class
is it not stunning at the moment?
wanstead perfection

my class
focused on drawing with color pencils in violette

have worked some photoshop magic on a couple of more photos.
i simply put adore kew gardens in richmond
or shall i say
i love richmond and all its nature

at home 
my art table today😊
i am to finish this bear in a couple of days
she is one to be an image of unconditional love to me and all else

i wanna end this post by saying:

believe in what makes you happy

yes yes yes
why not?

faith hope love

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