Monday, April 23, 2018


hey wonderful ones💜

beauty is its own excuse for being

- ralph waldo emerson

one can also say
joy is its  own excuse for existence

it's been a couple of weeks dear wonders. happening ones in a good way. i am to blog on mondays but some of these beginning of the week days are busy with other things and that is how i am running my life and my art. anyways, the main event has been me going to richmond, london to capture beauty but too create some self-portraits among all the spring blossomings offered to us now:))))
i stayed over one night and the first day in richmond i went straight to kew gardens. which was such a serene stunning visual to devour.
i have volunteered a couple of times at havens house and had a meeting with a lovely helen at the swedish church in london's marylebone and am to start helping out there as well starting this coming thursday:) exicted. i too know that my poetry with an image is part of the next kyrkobladet issue, the magazine as published by the swedish church in london and which happens to be my love åsa's last issue since she now is moving on for a job at the swedish embassy in london. exciting journeys:)
there has too been a lot of art creation.
summer came instead of spring as well. oh dear. my richmond time was 27 degrees in the shade with no wind. such brilliance. thanks to god and our amazing universe and living mother earth.
i am too almost done reading "a room with a view" as written by e.m forster via an audiobook as read by joanna david. it is divine! i can SO relate to a lucy despite her world being such a long time ago.
of course too, epping has blossomed into something that has been hidden for a very long time and THAT bring me so much joy.
of course before going to richmond i had my roots done and hair blown out to look a tiny bit more beautiful:) i devoured some magazines while this was being done and found some cute inspirations.

the garden lady
her name is violette amorina
she devours natures blossoms
loves mother earth as it is planted and organized

the dreamy gardeness
 the two photos above are self portraits taken at the wonderful place
kew gardens in richmond

a behind the scenes photo before shooting a 3rd selfportrait

it's a wrap
now finally i could put on my sunnies:)
balenciaga if you wonder

of course there were millions of spots to capture for it beauty
beauty as its own excuse for being
which turns in to joy for me to devour
oh dear god in the heavens

this is a little place in richmond that i found after i had left kew gardens. on my way to the hotel i was to stay in to leave my stuff before going out to enjoy  a summer day while it's still supposed to be spring. 

i went to this wonderful pub in richmond which is right by the canal the thames. this was my view. i had a glorious 2 glasses of sauvignon blanc from chile there while reading a gossip magazine and the fashion publication porter as you can see below. is it not a stunning cover? karlie kloss beauty...!!!

saturday morning i created a tiny morning walk. the thames in richmond. such beauty! don't you agree?

saturday i too came home and uploaded my photos to lightroom.

i am working on this piece. i might make it in to a little postcard for wonders to post to loved ones, only special love joyful messages allowed.
this is a mixed media piece it put in to photoshop

at butchers where i had my roots done i found some inspirations.
i have to say, harper's bazaar uk and its (i think) april issue is astounding.

some of my outfits😊
 the pink faerie lace dress is by vivetta

 this day was the first day of no stockings for the year so i was VERY glad
dress from moonson
and necklace and bangles i bought from haven house

the above dress is from next girls

 the above mirror selfie is from this past sunday. it was 20 degrees in the shade and i was having such a glorious day. i just love warmth and the rays of the sun. dress from top shop. bangle from haven house and hair pin by marc by marc jacobs.

here i am on my way to richmond. fully packed. too wearing makeup. this is early friday morning.

art art art
i am creating every day.
i have so many online classes to follow and learn from
the piece below is soon finished, just not yet

i protect my wooden table with a news paper, one i doodle on too as you can see:)

i have so many mixed media pieces that i am working on and some needs a layer of protection with a layer of gesso so this is what this one is / was in need of. i mix various mediums with my own photography (sometimes as an image transfer) and some victorian scraps which i adore.

the below image of my art table is from yesterday. the little "bear" with the yellow dress is part of the class lifebook 2018 that i am taking. it is all for mental health. she this cuteness is really to pretend she is my protector💕💕💕
she is far from done
i am to practicing painting peonies with water colurs

poetry is the world
found a couple of very old poetry books in a charity shop in epping

don't you agree?

a spring epping

how cute are you?
she is a co-volunteer at the haven house charity shop in epping
we work together and i adore her
wednesday i get to see her again😊

i am sooo playing with my iphone x
here's a tiny 8mm vintage film camera snaps of my flat

with much love & joy
alice amorina solantania saga

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