Tuesday, July 10, 2018



it's the title of a new poem i am working onπŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

is it not beautiful:)!?
 i mean the concept of nourishing every single moment of our days, to choose joy to choose hope to choose to see beauty & kindness. 

i've had a few weeks of taking some time off from blogging, just some time for summer and to re-arrange re-consider my home & my habits.

 too long long nature walks in epping forest with lovely podcasts and books. reading book 1 of terry pratchett's discworld (after having read the series of the witches living in this world of magic i was hooked), and it is fantastical wonderfully imaginative. the names of the creatures are such a joy, the carachters (well... the main ones anyways) are adorably quirky.

this image is part of my 
self-portrait series
it's taken inside richmond park and its isabella plantation, a wonderful "curated" wild kind of huge garden filled with exotic flowers and trees from all over the world, they have a beautiful nursery in the back as taken care of by a richard  whose been working there for over 50 yearsπŸ’œ

our little market on mondays sold these wonders a couple of weeks agoπŸ’›
the beauty of the
daisy raindrop flowerπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

bunny love:)))
worked on this one with picmonkey to add some adornments:)))
i wish i could show you the babies, but they run away so fast!!!

had fun with an app called afterlight, where one can mix up images like one can do double exposures with film cameras. i love it!!!

she has more color nowπŸ’œ

here's a mixed media piece where the main focus is an image transfer from a fashion story i photographed and styled for crash magazine (used to be there fashion editor for a few years) about 3-4 years ago, i called it "child in time".

behind the scenes 
flowery maiden
on my way to test where i should stand & if the aperture & shutterspeed with iso was good:)

created 2 versions of this pose

a couple of outfits recently:)

rebecca taylor silk top
h&m sunnies
prada belt
gucci bag
vintage skirt
saltwater sandals

summery hat bought from the charity haven house where i volunteer
burberry dress

marks and spencers hat
h&m flowery dress

the below bonnet is for a self-portrait series i am to create, a nun of sortsπŸ’œ

this is in swedish, so sorry for all that do not understand "svenska".
anna ihlis has created dear music out of .....poems.
one of my dreams is to make songs out of my own poems and her melodies with voice is Such An Inspiration to me:)))

and...i have fallen in love with the poetess
mimi khalvati
i read her poem
a sonnet to my daughter
to a 
background music of shakespeare's
 a midsummer night's dream 
as played by mendelssohn

hope to see you next week:)))

faith hope love
alice saga