Monday, June 04, 2018


hi lovely blessed beautiful creatures:)))

how are you? it's june can you believe??? summer is officially happening! 
i am still daily building up my life, my habits and routines...the organization of my flat...drying flowers...taking a butterfly painting class...learning from all my art classes i have bought online...and there is a new obsession of mine...that of jamie beck of annstreetstudios!!! i can not get enough of this woman๐Ÿ’œjamie is my inspiration for this year of 2018!!! so it's been many tube rides watching her instastories which are always magnificent๐Ÿ’“too her spotify playlist = magically beautiful, in fact i am listening to this now๐Ÿ˜Š

today was creation day for me
this light of our monday morning was delicious

i have been working on my flowery maiden portrait for some while. the wonderful bonnet was created specially for me of a wonderful talent on etsy, starlite. the ballerina show dress i found at beyond retro a few years back in its dalston location. i need to go back there soon:)))

here is one image i really like
so now 
work magic with  post production 
 let's see how i can transform this photo:)))

on my way home, it's only 5.45 am and i am done๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š
feeling happy 
  tinted my hair tiny violette & tiny pink for this occasion of today

that bonnet๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š
it's a wrap!!!

at home i at once uploaded my photos to lightroom
i only needed to take 28 images today and that included testing the light and where i am supposed to stand images. 

the wonders of spring
 and the magic of england

here are a few images i have worked on since i created my last shoot a couple of weeks ago

the trinity of wonder
the sisters of violette

oh dear heaven on earth

i created a self-portrait and a poem for the swedish church in london, and its new issue of their magazine, kyrkobladet.


mornings with violette

i am waking up filled with a childlike joy.
another day i have never seen before i think to myself.
hello discover & wonder

a faerie dress is put on before asking...mirror mirror magic, please tell me who is to have the most blessedness of days?
then i am stumbling out ready for adventure.
hello quirky gratefulness

meow she says greeting me. caressing demanding affection.
this fluffy white beauty brings such joys.
hello sweetness i cry

as always the early birds are singing beautifully, each and all of them being proud of its voice as they know only she has her own unique gift to this world.
oh this planet filled with such life i reminiscence.
hello authenticity & joy

the wisdom of the trees whispers to me...grace do remember to have grace. i think to myself "remember kindness dear". remember the knowledge of symbiosis.
hello nature

then cuteness shyness shows up. oh how i love thee, let me count the ways. the princesse of the forest i call ehr. as soon as i lay my eyes on her, she runs away. how i long for the day when these dees ar to trust.
too there are
squireels playing...running up and down trees chasing each other while eating acorns and such.
yes flowers are soon to blossom:)
hello mother earth

i know all this will pass & my time is uncertain.
i ask myself; what is one to do?
to bear the fruit of life, being presently alive to devour ourselves and the whole garden of eden.
open up all the senses given to us.
hello magic beauty

cultivate curiosity
emulate grace
then love love love


- alice saga

location scouting the other day
 in a vintage (from beyond retro dalston) playsuit and the moonson butterfly hairpin with my summer sandals by salt-water sandal.

thought i was going to shoot my flowery maiden here
in fact i had decided on it!
 i will use it for something else and use all my beautiful flowers for one more shoot!!!
creativity please!

at home
right now devouring rilke's 
letters to a young poet
 i have too been sorting out my art & reading table...๐Ÿ˜‚

tiny bit better

will put some beeswax as a finish on this one
i have already "framed" it with some textures
the lovely sophie i photographed a couple of years ago for the french publication crash, the story filled with fashion is called "child in time". here she is wearing carven and my own flowery hair pin, it's an image transfer to a wonderful paper i bought in new jersey a couple of years back.
(oh and if you click the link you may be confused...later explaining and such to do)

my painting i had in the exhibiton in loughton is now up on my wall
my wall = a work in progress

some mirror selfies
 here i am trying outfits for a gardeness portrait. this is the chloe by phoebe philo dress i talked about in my former post!!! recognize it from one of my self-portraits above?

my top shop dress (that i used for a self-portait i showed in my blogpost "beauty is its own excuse for being") with a butterfly hair accessory from moonson.
my h&m dress with a sunshine straw hat with bow from marks & spencer.
maybe this dress could be used for a portrait by the garden i though my flowery maiden was gonna be shot? again, please dear imagination please me soon now yesterday.

faith hope love
alice saga

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