Tuesday, September 17, 2019


that is going to be my focus of my fall before the start of a new decade🌸

i am fully devouring a wonderful book
"conversations with god"

so many truths 
in this book
so much beauty
such magnificence
re member
where we belong, 
where we came from and
 from who we came in to this world from
from the source
from god
from infinite intelligence
whatever you wanna call it
we are here to express the our magnificence 
so that god can experience life through us
we were made in the image of source whom created all things perfection
mathematically perfect
every single thing in our universe and how it works
is a study of sublime intelligence

i am so excited to dive in to all things that can make me a better human being
and too a better artist
to find the essence of how i want to express my life
(too to finish this book💜)

to be god's pleasure

i have decided that 
i will do one blogpost in the beginning of  the month
 instead of weekly ones
there is such excitement to better myself at all my crafts
not only photography 
but too my
painting, piano skill, the ballet practice, the poetry making
etc etc etc

build up my website:)

so next time we meet it will be november 5
will be fully devoted to re member myself
to the family we all come from🌸

"nourish the moment"
(which is a motto i live in every day)
series i started creating this year of 2019

nourish the moment
 oh wow that just came out
just like that
free thinking
from reading a book which i am only in the beginning of😊

this section of my flat is
dedicated for drawing and painting
an artist studio
 i have other sections for journaling, reading, piano practice & singing 
flower pressing & of course my computer place where i do all the editing and such things:)

wearing a cacharel blouse and top shop skirt
an artist outift

lady with a dove
john brett


faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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