Tuesday, November 05, 2019

to each moment prepare oneself to be touched by beauty 💜

 my primer to devour and to nourish myself
that is what i am contemplating right now
the thought came from a podcast i listened to by
talking about haiku poetry🌸
(actually the beatuy of onbeing with krista tippet
 is my fave podcast)
this together with the magic of walt whitman's way of life,
 way of creating poetic art
mary oliver of course comes to mind!!!
my mantra fits in too:)))
which not only rules my life but
 too runs through most of my works, since 2014

so there has been a month and more since i wrote here last. the time has gone so fast! i have been focusing on improving my daily habits, daily practices of how i want my future life to be and i am to be behave in that new spectrum. 
about exactly that:))

i did buy "a yogic path" 
by sahara rose and 
the first card i picked out of the whole deck 
was about me to focus on my dharma, 
my question was: what am i to focus on from now on? 
and i picked the card of dharana💓
i have since worked with this deck a couple of more times and it is almost how scary how it directs together with my question and intuition. this is my first time ever exploring the magic of oracle cards, or maybe it's just the magic of sahara rose that i am ones again am experiencing (i own all her books which mainly is about ayurveda and how to live in accordance to this ancient wisdom/ medicine/ self care practices etc in today's truth).

here is a selfie me after having had my roots done
by the lovely lisa
i have to say, 
each time i am so happy about the result and
 of her skill of her craft
never ever need to worry about the result🌸

my birthday is coming up:) november 12th
and since my dear friend sarah has gone to experience the magic of madeira 
she gifted me with loads of pink perfection roses
about a week ago already
 which i have played around with:)))
magic rose

i too mixed the roses with a bunch of flowers 
that i had previously dried and 
created a few double exposures
triple exposure

the swedish chuch in london and its magazine just came out, 
i am waiting dearly to hold the issue in my hands:) 
but it can now be viewed online!
i will share my poem with you in my next blogpost december 3rd! 
 then i can show you the magazine itself!
fine art photography
here is a screen grab from the online version:)
are you there god? it's me alice.

my lovely desktop😂🌷
here is a composite image i created from a couple of shoots
one with the dear talented celine buckens and 
another featuring a bee:)

this dear has now become my alla helgona angel 

and this fluffiness gifted me with her presence yesterday
it had been a while
one just have to kneel down and she rushed to you like nobody's business
just being perfection perfect wonderful
such joys she brings every time i get to caress her:)))

oh and it is decided:))) i am going home for christmas!!!
it has been a while.
so december 20th to 27th = uddevalla, sweden💜


seize this very minute;
what you can do, or dream
you can, begin it;
boldness has genius, power
and magic in it.

don't forget🌸🌷🍄

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