Sunday, October 04, 2020

hi lovely you!

it has been a while, the whole summer just passed by and i just have not had the energy to create one single post here. i am sure many of you feel exhausted by all this happening at the moment!?

what does it all mean!? 
how will we survive? how will i survive? how will our planet survive? 
how can i help?
 what about equality for all? 

how about remembering that what i do to you i do to myself? 
and what i do to myself i also do to you. 

how can we all help change each other to better ourselves 
and by this help us all & mother earth 
that has been gifted to us to be part of? 

right now i am very grateful that there is no panic at the foodstore. 
shops are open again as is my gym.
 the tube is up and running more like it used to do. 
of course we are all wearing masks,
 which scared me in the beginning of this journey 
with covid 19. a surreal feeling of not being really here
with all things being sooo odd.

2020 was going to be so different.

so hi
here i am
how are you?

here are a little collage i created recently of some of my summer creations

this below image was created in april soon after the lockdown happened here in the uk. for many of my  daily one hour "allowance" time to be outside, i created self-portraits around here in epping. 
"the angels are with us"

for a few months i devoured every moment of capturing the beauty of the blossoms

a rose
a daylily

zoom has been a big part of my life
i've taken (and is taking) 
acting, art, ballet, singing & yoga classes 
among others ever since april!
my art classes are taught by
the artist

when my gym opened i could finally go back to practice ballet in their 
squashroom. i am starting over working on my project
"le spectre de la rose"
where a part will be me dancing a variation from a ballet.
there will be a documenting of the journey.
i created a little collage of play/ practices from september 
for you to follow along if you would like.

september 2020 me🌷
not every day was spent in comfies

see you soon🌸
hope love


Maria said...

Olá, bom dia. Eu fiz uma campanha para arrecadar fundos para voltar para minha Terra. Se você puder colaborar clique:
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Ute said...

Ach wie schön. das sieht ja richtig toll aus finde ich.Danke für den wunderbaren Beitrag.Wie läuft es denn momentan bei der Schreinerei Gießen bei euch ?Grüße Ute

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