Thursday, May 21, 2020


hi lovely you!

how are you doing? 
wherever you are i hope the sun is shining on your face.
 and if you are in the shadows i pray for you.

today is the day when christ went back to heaven after having risen to life after death, 40 days prior. the feast of the ascension. the lockdown because of this sadness virus did include the whole of easter. an easter that symbolises 
i hope and strive for a re-birth of me myself and for all of life. to start anew, to start practicing ahimsa for all of life. to only use what is essential, kindness to animals, animals as equals. to share resources to all of humanity and not only to a few. to see our mother earth as a gift we have received, a place we have been blessed to call our home.
to marvel of the wonder of the universe.
to marvel of all the creativity we humans were gifted. the gratefulness of this moment in time when it is easier than every to be in lockdown because of technology that we humans as birthed in to this world.
to acknowledge sadly that health is a privilege in our moment in time, it should be available for all. then all of us have the possibility  to make the good choices as we were given by god for our planet and others. as of now we have created a universe where a lot of people have no idea about the "good choices" or could have the energy to do the right thing since it's a daily awful struggle of surviving.

i have so many thoughts! i try to focus on hope and the goodness of us human beings.

during this time of being by myself since march 21st 2020 i have focused on creation. to do my art. to immerse myself as much as i possibly can with all i love, all that gifts me joy and fulfilment. it has been a lot of struggles but there has too been a lot of joys. the sun and early summer heat here in england has certainly been a helper in that.

nourish the moment
to seek beauty

this is what i need for myself. many years ago when i lived in new york and worked for the new york times magazine, deeply depressed and was struggling with an ocuring eating disorder since i was 12 years old, this wise doctor told me to go out and seek beauty, to be out in nature to seek out art that i loved to forget the little me and see something bigger that ultimately would bring awe and wonder to my life.  so many more layers here though (this will be to talk about at maybe another time)!

how i medicate myself is: 
to seek beauty. to nourish my moments.
to feed my brain as patti smith would put it.

i am joy
i have grace
i am creation magic beauty
- alice

you know what i am dreaming of for my life?
to live in my pink house surrounded by beauty. space, peace, quiet. to grow my own food. space for dancing creating. to share beauty and to gift awe to our universe. to be that god within me that i am. to experience life to its fullest, to be immersed in joy and for others to feel and experience the same. 

it's been a month since i greeted you last.
let's see what has happened here in epping.

let's have a feast of re-birth.

she wishes
fine art photography
devouring experimenting with roses

i have yet to edit this one.
do you see me?
raw image

pineapple beauty

 the other day i had a visitor whom left too soon🌸🌸🌸

creating art for mental health/ well being:)))💜
mindfulness art

i have been baking:)
here is me devouring my almond oat cake and wine 
together with the magazine i hope to collaborate with one day, harper's bazaar of uk💜
if you want me to share the recipe i will!

 we have such glorious weather here in epping,
 so i can just wear a dress and sandals😊

i am creating lots of mixed media art, here is a work in progress!

various works during lockdown that i might work/ edit on soon:)

a close up

a version🌸
alice saga

the image below was also created this may during covid 19 lockdown, here in epping, uk when we were  in the early days of lockdown we could go out for excercise one hour/ day and i used it often to create my work. 
dear sister i am holding you💜

 this is part of my first ever self-portraitist series
the cherry blossom girl
april 2014
alice saga

this image of a wild flower garden is from when i lived in east dulwich and often visited the beautiful dulwich park🌷
alice saga

i think this dear inspiration fits today's specialness:

such an inspiration🌸🌷

OH i forgot to tell you about my 3 month project that i started may 17th:) when i am deeper in to this project i will talk about it here! so maybe in june then!

let's create a heavenly feast for an opulence magic future😊💜

faith hope love
alice saga


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice <3 Thank you so much for sharing. You and your goal remind me of a quote I saw on Instagram that I forgot to share with you. "Those who see beauty everywhere, it is because they themselves are beautiful. You can not help, but see yourselves in this world, as you are existence itself" by High Elven Wisdom & Love. I look forward to seeing your 3 month project too.

Your photos are beautiful as always. I'm surprised you didn't share the one of your kitty who visited you at your apartment :D Take care

~Chantalle (from Canada)

alice saga said...

oh dear chantalle:))) i realize now that i have spelled your name wrong!!! ohlalala. i love the quote. i will save it for my june blogpost:))) your always gift me with such wonders, thank you:)/ xxx alice

alice saga said...

oh please share with me the source! i can not find it!!! much love/ alice

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beautiful images!

Life is a Shoe

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