Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am doing a project for a magazine where I am supposed to let them know what my shopping habits will be for Spring 2010 plus to give them a couple of portraits of myself. The portraits thing has driven me a little bit crazy.......And So I have gone through my whole Computer for images of myself...ohlalala!!! on this journey though I found things I have styled a long time ago and became sort of Overwhelmingly Nostalgic!

Here is to the Past:)

Thanks to All Who has Been Loves of Mine during this new Century.

Happy New Year to All of You! I wish All of you The Very Best 2010.

First image was a project I had at my first job, it was to do market work to style Kings and Queens of New York:) and I can not for my life remember who shot it:( then on to Jon Bergman, Alice (my sister who shot backstage photos of Nike in red tylle skirt and my assistant backstage of a shoot I did for Paper Magaizne), Martina Olsson, Poppy de Villeneuve, 3 of Martina Olsson and last my dear Lena Modigh.

There are more to thank since I've worked with so many during this decade. I will dedicate something else to them later!

Lindha Portman Sagum

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Intern Needed!

I need an Intern for January in London! No experience needed, I'll teach you. If you do have some experience, that would be a plus though!

References are necessary as is willing to work hard.

Email me at:


Inspiration Now!

Some colorful stylish people!
Hanne Gaby, Hanne and Lekeline Stange, Lekeline, Alexa Chung, Julia Frakes, Lekeline and Catherine Baba.
(all images from TFS)

Beauty Now!

Don't try this at home or for a first date...!

But Wonderland Lovely it is:)

Top to bottom, beauty @ Louis Vuitton(2), Gareth Pugh, Kate moss.. and last but certainly not the least Christian Dior (2).

(all images from TFS)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Photos:)

2 photos of mine that I am proud of! Styling by my sister. image 1 is Ilda/ Elite Stockholm in a Paul and Joe dress. Image 2 is of Leona/ Mikas in a white Byblos dress and flowers.

New Face of the Year 2009: Amanda Norgaard

I have watched her for about 2 years now and I can Not Wait to Style this amazingly Beautiful girl!

She is with SUPREME.

(all images from TFS)

Diary 11

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to All of You! I'm sending much love to you all:)

I am changing my calender for the year of 2010! And while doing that I found an envelope in my 2009 calender full of images of my family and from when I was a baby! Noooostalgia!

Too something that makes me feel good about the mess I always create around me....... I used to work for a newspaper where we had (they still have I'm pretty sure) an intranet magazine (only for inhouse employes) the eic wrote this article and one quote that I fell in love with was this:


(top row left to right: my dear grandparents, my mother with best friend, my second mom and aunt Marina, me with my grandfather Birger, me with my grandfather again, my mom with her friend Ingela, my grandmother in very cool glasses, and last but not least my uncles whom to served as my heroes when I was little)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Polina Barsky

An artist to keep the/your eye on.

I've known Polina (even though we've actually never met) for around 3 years now. It started with my blog I think, if I remember correctly she contacted me and we started emailing and decided to do this project together; my sister styling me while I took photos of myself and then I emailed the images to Polina who painted them Beautifully Amazing. We even got it published. Those portraits can be viewed HERE.

Yesterday the darling sent me her newest work and I am In Love.

Look out for my interview with her coming up here early January:)

Polina's Flickr is HERE!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Obsession Now: Clemence Poesy

I am In Love with this girl! The Style, Face and Cuteness of hers is Endless!
(source: tfs)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Alice in Wonderland by Mr. Tim Burton and His New Official Full Trailer:)

This is something....I have been Waiting for a Very Long time now it feels like....Give ME the Movie and give it to me NOW. Enjoy:

Come! Come and Please Bring Me Back to the World of Wonder!
(source: Tim Burton Collective)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspiration Now!

(source of
images tfs)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

North Pond by Timothy Nazzaro

I have so many cute stories about/ with my dear friend Timothy Nazzaro. These ones will be told one day in the future. We created our first fashion tests together in New York. He sort of defines me and my way of styling. He taught me how I love to work.

This film is his first short film. From the trailer, I can see that he uses his signature black and white together with his vision of life/ style. When I am in doubt, I go to Mr. Nazzaro for good advice....this film I am sure will deliver a message from him worth listening to....Me myself have been listening for/ to his advice since we got to know each other in 2002....!

I can't believe this is his first short film...! The talent of his always stunns me.

Darling: Can't wait to be with you/ create with you again. Sooooon!

Go Here for the Trailer: North Pond by Timothy Nazzaro starring Mickey Sumner and Matthew Linn Hopkins.