Friday, December 27, 2013

My Christmas in Uddevalla, Sweden:) Plus Some Marc Jacobs & Miu Miu

ohlalala!!! christmas = lots of alcohol, food & family beyond:) beauty!

my 24th & 25th was brilliant. full of moms, stepdads, a stepmom, uncles, brothers & a few other ones;) 

as always too much of everything;0)! not that i am complaining.

i came home late late monday the 23rd! stayed up for a couple of more hours to chat over a few glasses of wine before going to be at 2am...all of a sudden it was our christmas. swedes celebrate christmas on the 24th. we started with a christmas breakfast, tomtegrot frukost & then some cakes & glogg. after all this me and my aunt went to church where an Amazing girl was singing christmas songs. she had studied at the conservatory in florence, italy:) i devoured her. after church we went back home and i had to wrap up my gifts for the game that was to come! i was to win (but came almost last haha)! then some christmas dinner. me my moms & stepdads stayed up late chatting this evening, lots of youtube too. all of a sudden the 25th entered my life. did a morning walk to capture some beauty of my hometown, then it was off to my mom for more food but also champagne. i could only stay a tiny bit  here because i was to go to my stepmom's sisters house where she and her sisters children was hanging out together with my 3 little brothers:) i have such cute brothers. it was such a wonderful time being there. love.

 2 brilliant days.

my oufits: red dress by miu miu and black dress by marc jacobs:)) a matthew choose both for me to bring to my hometown. good choice i say.

when me and my aunt went to church on the 24th, this amazingly talented girl sang some songs, here is a taste when she performed ave maria! i almost fell off my chair......i had NOT expected this beauty from my tiny little town church (uddevalla kyrka) in sweden. enjoy.

alice solantania saga

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