Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weekend Consisted Of: Tim Walker, Easter Witches, Cherry Blossom Trees, A New Dress:), Flowers, Porcelain Violet Dolls, Love Magazine, Rookie Yearbook 2, Baking & Some Wonders of Takeshi Suga. Then A Monday Outfit!

i'm not a prude; i'm just highly selective;0)! 

oh of course silly.

it's been quite a weekend. friday was full of jenny:) i am SO happy about my new rosemary's baby dress that i found in the vintage boutique blondie (sister to absolute vintage). saturday & sunday i have stayed here in east dulwich to read & to create long morning walks. obsession for quite a while now has been 90's euro disco.....let the beat go on;0) choosing bpm is a big problem haha. ohlalala! i bought the new issue of love magazine and it has a brilliant editorial by the wonder tim walker. i too found a lovely editorial in rookie yearbook 2 which was full of swedish easter witches:)) ADORED! i too dbake a loaf of spelt bread( i am actually creating one more as i blog this)! and....that violet doll:)! need. 

top to bottom: 1 a cherry blossom tree outside my house. spring is coming???:) 2 a snap shot of inez & vinoodh's flowers for love magazine. 3 my baking! 4 i sat down at the albion to have some coffee and to blog while i was waiting for jenny on friday. 5 oh my violet! this shop rocks perfection. 6-8 at takeshi suga's exhibtion at the lomography store by spitalfields market. he fell in love with my alice in wonderland fabric bag:) as you can see he is shooting together with his magic photos. 9 at my second home, franklins with love magazine & harpers bazarr. 10 a taste of tim walkers perfection story for love. 11 the swedish easter witches in rookie. 12 my new dress from blondie:) 13&14 details of today's outfit. beyond retro jumper, top shop top with lace collar, antique cross necklace, screaming mimis bangles, marc by marc jacobs jeans & office ballerinas.

on tumblr i found this advice,  brilliant i thought:)

"february is the shortest month of the year, so if you are having a miserable month, try to schedule it for february" - lemony snicket

happy monday beautiful creatures

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