Saturday, February 28, 2015

Meet Violette - The French Maiden



such a saturday. french maidens & art fairs = amazing combo;)


woke up early early and had my beautiful morning walk in the woods. food store & some make up later i was ready to travel to sloane square in order to reach chelsea's old town hall where the parallax art fair was to (is) hold place. came across some cuteness talent while devouring sauvignon blanc. will create a diary post soon so you'll see some of the artists work then. 

sloane square and saturdays:) perfection market full of wonderfully created cakes & foods, there is too champagne if one is up for it:) walked to victoria station and my train was happily waiting for me so am already now back home in dulwich! in my fave cafe the french house.

time for photocraft 

how's your saturday? seen any beauty? or maybe you created it instead:)?

" i promise
if you keep
for everything
in this world

you will
become it."

- tyler kent white

search for beauty & that is what you will become
Vintage victorian dress as worn by Alice Solantania Saga
a victorian french maiden outfit

vintage victorian dress
wolford stockings
gabor shoes

alice solantania saga

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