Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Diary 265: That Life Exists & That You Are Here


happy tuesday to you all! how was your weekend? what did you do?

here's some happenings from mine:)

on my way to the art fair i visited saturday, i stumbled upon this flowery photo shoot! the shop is called wild at heart and it is an amazing place. the girl with that dress:))) = perfection.
A flower photo shoot in London
after the above beauty, sloane square's saturday food market happened. this company makes doughnuts that makes you fall in love, cake hole london wonders.
jam doughnuts

finally came to parallax art fair. wine in hand i devoured:

recycling dreams
Recycling Dreams at Parallax Art Fair


artist at work
Sarah Carter Art at Parallax Art Fair
these 2 artists were my faves at this art fair. last time these artists were my faves!!!

after an afternoon of art i went back to sloane square's food market:) such a delight for the eyes this place is on saturday's. people eating, stocking up on home made delicious cakes, candy & foods!!!

turkish delight cuteness
Turkish Delight

in love with the art of 
Daim Fudge



Chocolate Vegan Cake

Cake by The Creole Vegan Bakery

beetroot & spinach pie:)
Beetroot & Spinach Pie

see my house???????? i would call it MINE!
Violet and pink houses

morning to you too:) 
on my way for a morning walk friday 6.30am!

richmond by the thames
The Thames River

the beauty of st mary's university
St. Mary's University

Strawberry Hill House

spent lots of time here at the french house in dulwich
the cakes...!!!

played with this image
A polaroid of roses

roses from one of richmond's squares
Violet Roses

inspirations of mine right now
Gemma Ward
moi wearing a victorian dress. playing with apps on my iphone. such fun!
braids and victorian
a weekend

friday i decided to location scout for the last part of my princesse tuvstarr tale. the place needs to be perfect & i need to be in peace (not to mention completely alone). richmond is the place i chose to check out first, but as i've said earlier it is not to happen here. the day was wonderful however because i entered upon so many other beauties like the strawberry hill house & gardens plus a stunning university called st. mary's.  saturday was sloane square and parallax art fair with wine:))) plus passed by the violette house that one day will be mine. adore! sunday was hanging in dulwich. just organising with deleting files on my (already) full computer!! took a long long morning walk too with the games of thrones and such matters. 

played with photoshop! i look like a dancing ghost in this image. 
the princesse tuvstarr ballet.
Self-portrait by Alice Solantania Saga

too played with an image from my candy cake witch tale.
"the offering"
Fine Art photography by Alice Solantania Saga

this is one of my fave collages. maybe because i love this quote so much:)!?
iPad collage by Alice Solantania Saga

that you are here -
that life exists and identity.
that the powerful play goes on,
and you may contribute a verse.

- walt whitman, leaves of grass

alice solantania saga

(Images that are not by me in my collage are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap!)

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