Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meet The Bluebell Faerie

alice solantania saga
monday morning i went to kew gardens to create 2 flower faeries. this outfit/ location was the bluebell one:) this location was simply put magic. and i devoured it.

my process is usually that of going through my first 10 images to choose one i can play around with in photoshop and programs like picmonkey, in order to learn the magic of manipulation:) the whole set of photos i usually put to rest so that i can be more objective in my choosing. it's easy to focus on all the bad things, in particular in how one looks. when letting it rest, one is usually kinder and can make somewhat more of an objective decision. so from my experience this works.

someone helped me along with inspiration:)

i have a dear new friend, lisa of the beautifully stunning blog falling through a field,  whom send me this beautiful poem by emily brontë the other day when she knew i was about to create this faerie:) thank you lovely you:) gifts like these makes my days!!!

the bluebell

the bluebell is the sweetest flower
that waves in summer air;
its blossoms have the mightiest power
to soothe my spirit's care

kew gardens at the moment is magic

devour this:
rhododendron flowers
no filters
just pure magic

alice solantania saga


lisa said...

♡♡♡ aww i'm happy to know!! :) i go through a similar process with taking photos as well. and much thank you to you lovely~~~ the rhododendrons are beaming pink, sweet magic!! ~ straight to my heart ♡

Alice Saga said...

i am so happy you liked the post. i am trying to figure out what readers wanna hear about. at the moment i am just sharing mostly of my process & daily findings of beauty. we have so much to be reminded of and sometimes we are blind to them.

can't wait to hear more of you process & how we share similarities in it:) soon that is to happen is it not:))