Friday, September 11, 2015

Such A Glorious Sunshine Friday in London


i've just had the best late summer day here in london. i started with my usual morning walk and then headed in to central london to meet up with the wonderful √•sa whom works as the editor of the swedish church journal "kyrkobladet". i adore her, she always gives out such a positive energy that one can live off for days. i am to contribute to the next issue. after a long meeting with her at the swedish church i headed towards hyde park/ kensington gardens and devoured this wonderful summer day:) with swans and queens! my style;0)!!! then whole foods perfection before heading home to an adoring cat whom for Once did not run away from me like i am some sort of a devil...!!! well she is not that wrong to be honest because soon there is to be the walz of satan. 

here is the newest issue of kyrkobladet together with some things of my late grandma that i have inherited. 
christianity and swedes

hyde park & kensington gardens from today:)
Royal Gardens & Parks

yes my day started here. an obsession!
Wild Garden

an hour ago. how i entered the gardens. finally this cutie is not scared of me. it took 6 years...!!!
A Cat

tomorrow i am to create my bride. at least i hope so. it all depends on the rain that might or might not happen. wish me luck beautiful people.

i wanna end this post with a butterfly

 remember always that we are all special and pure originals but we are too connected with everything. we are beyond space & beyond time. we are one.

i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i

with love
alice solantania violette saga

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