Wednesday, September 30, 2015

An Art Ballerina Cat Weekend;0)!

a new life
shall we say journey?

this darling is at my 3 hour friday art class. she is Such A Talent.
this is too a self portrait. see me?
that would be my creation:)!!! understand?

be prepared to fail
in art or in life? 
that would be my question!

the talents existing in this place
i am allowed a part
thank you god

before creating my banana cake (will share soon since it did turn out delicious), this past friday afternoon, i had to capture my art work from class 1. i love this kitten. she is never afraid of me. she just joins in.

saturday southbank 10am wonders

meetup can be a blessing. this one is so intimate and wonderful. thanks to yen whom holds it i would think. it's a water color class inside the southbank centre. every saturday 10.30. see my first visit to this class here :). what you see below was start of a journey. the freedom one!

sunday am
my widow sadness persona is to sit there. see?
she lost everything
personified sadness


every morning around 6.30am i pass by this love to say hi haha!!!
wonderful hello right;0)???

5 seconds from my house. this love is king here. or shall we say guard?

home. part of my garden:)
leave me alone alright???

the neverending story it seems:)))
wilderness magic perfection = YES always
peckham rye common beauty 

i had a weekend. one full of new beginnings. or so i hope. i am getting that from the wonders i meet around me. that things are changing. i mean with me. a million difference if one looks back 18 months ago. this journey had to happen for many reasons, but the main one is that i have not been well really since i was 12 years old (or shall we say since i was born since i was hiding and did not feel safe to share anything with anyone anytime in regards to my emotions which i was ashamed of). for so many years i have managed but of course at one point or another i had to fall apart. thank goodness it finally did  greatly, so that i could start a recovery.  my art class and ballerina class on my friday's is to be Such A Treat:))) this with my cute lovely most wise therapist penny whose been mine for a year in 2 months:))), a perfection gp and  a very practical kind occupational therapist will = such help in a constructive journey to happen (i should really say...happening journey)! the only thing i pray for each morning now is that i am to feel the emotion of gratefulness. so that i can say thank you for all the good in my life and also mean it.

my faerie tales of violette website (thanks to squarespace) is coming together:))) i can not believe it. me = the most un-logical person on planet earth. yes it IS a struggle.  but i have to say thanks to the team at squarespace  whom is always there helping (not even yet having committed to stay with them). theee best 24 hour team. no i am not sponsored to say this. i am soon ready to show it to you beautiful creatures.


just fyi

i am a ballerina
these beauties has been part of my whole flower faerie journey:) they were so dirty that one could hardly see its beauty anymore before putting them in my washing machine. they were now needed for a new journey. my ballerina one!

to actually capture my ballerinas was inspired by a photo the lovely and talented photographer
 paolo monina

victoria erickson

"when we nourish
ourselves with 
good people,
scenery, love,
magic, beauty and
self-care, we radiate light into
the world and
sharpen our
vision, perception,
and clarity all at
once. this in turn
spreads to other
beings which
spreads to even
more. remember
that one tiny drop
can raise an ocean.
keep wanting.
desiring. doing.
breating in the 
sweet things."

alice solantania violette saga

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