Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Birthday Creating Vera

yes today is my birthday:)

 and it turned out that today is/ was a sunshine day so that i could create the character that i have based upon my grandma vera. i was her today in my own cute way.
 just got home and transferred my images to my computer and opened up in lightroom to have a tiny view:) i feel good but will wait with going trough further until tomorrow afternoon after art class & ballet. 

i wanna say thank you to victoria of the bardou for my beautiful blown dried hair (and for the lovely conversation) which i was treated to yesterday thanks to alessandra of jpr media whom invited me:) 

this is me this morning on my way to the train that was to take me to richmond.

meet bondmoran 

beyond retro gunne sax dress
 threads vintage apron
antique cross necklace
dr martens boots

i treated myself to daphne's diary on my way home so now is to devour that with a glass of wine to celebrate birth.

love to you all
alice solantania saga

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