Tuesday, November 17, 2015


i went to a marathon life drawing class on saturday:) my first ever! was a tiny bit nervous but when i met the other wonderful people there and when the model finally arrived, it was all fine. on top of it all the models name was alice:))) it was meant to be don't you think?

when the class started it did get intense, i almost thought i was gonna pass out of stress haha. you see, we started with 3 poses and we had 3 minutes to draw her for each pose. then we got 3 more poses but 5 minutes to draw..!!! i have never drawn a live human being in my life so you can only imagine to create a drawing in 3 minutes. funny enough it freed me to just do, to just draw without thinking. i liked the 15 & 25 minute poses more though. and the last pose was so much fun, we almost had 3 hours for that one. 

i wish i had saturday's like this all the time. 
or every day rather.

our room:) see my spot???

this was my second drawing from the 3 hour pose

in the end i was tired and that is when i started drawing my hearts haha.

my 15 minute pose sketch

the talents in my class.....!!!!!!!!!!

i can not for my life remember the names of the 2 above artists but will fill in this info when i have it:)

this art work is created by the 
very very very 
stella cardew
it was such a gift to have met this lady. she was SO kind to me! curious about me. i think she is one of those whom is a curious person, such a wonderful trait.

as you know, i created my vera character on my birthday. here is a tiny taste of her.

farmer's wife

i am now planning my next character i call i am love.
 one inspiration is this poem:

the butterfly

i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i

i wish you a beautiful rest of our tuesday
stay brilliant

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