Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Wonders & Some Cuteness Cat Happiness:)))

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such a year hallelujah:) rollercoaster heaven!

the year of creating

the faerie tales of violette


me and eleanor hardwick started out this year creating some beauty for rookie magazine

all my thoughts was on
a winter's tale, shakespeare


created 1 of 4 corpse brides!!! fell in love with getting married haha!
corpse bride

that we are here


she was meant to be the good girl plucking strawberries to give out to the world
strawberry girl by Alice Saga


it really was the year of the bride:)
the day of creating the child bride:


my happiest month this year
it included new york

me by my dear lily

we (me and lily) had a treasure day in new jersey:))
that little cutie thing is mine!!!

me with love amanda bruns
see us???
i too devoured her birthday:))
meanwhile she devoured cake!!!
i met so many of her wonderful friends:)))

 isabella plantantion magic
isabella plantation

created another flower faerie:)


one more:) mary pickford inspired!!!


my spring & summer was the flower faeries
summer faerie

i had a beautiful day at home in uddevalla, sweden with my mom:))

this was the reason i came home to sweden
my best friend therese got married:)))
bride beauty
i told you:)) ) the year of the brides!!!


started to organise all my self portraits
my first series back in 2014 was this one
the cherry blossom girl

found a dried bouquet of lavender in richmond:))

the magic of the wild garden inside peckham rye park in august
wild garden

Labyrinth Garden

Labyrinth Garden
fell in love with ruskin park & learned more about photoshop

i was planning planning planning

created another bride hahaha!!!

properly addicted to dulwich woods


my mom's birthday!

art class wonders every tuesday & friday happiness

ruskin park beauty


i was featured in the swedish church magazine

art class perfection!
see my station?

my first ever life drawing class:))
her name is alice:)!!!
alice solantania saga

 the brilliant stella cardew's painting of our alice model

i worked on creating an homage to my dad's mom whom was a farmers wife:)))

i created her, my grandma, on my birthday
12th of november
farmer's wife



my new dear friend paul showed me magic in hampstead heath park

pergola perfection

my love lily send me a gift that made me smile for weeks
still does
thank you lily

started working on my zine
pagan poetry 
to come out february 14th 2016

photographer: martina olsson
stylist: linda marina portman
model: ilda @ elite stockholm

created our first book
to be bought on

i held my first ever christmas lunch
this was before my beautiful lovely guests arrived:))
moster o hans:))) thanks!!!

and of course all year i devoured
the cuteness of the gardens & its cats:)))

hello pay attention to me yes???

friday am after my morning walk i was laying down stretching looking up at the sky closing my eyes to devour and all of a sudden someone was licking my whole face:))) stroking my head over and over!!! this love!!! sheer happiness. hear my happy laughter. that feeling of joy i wanna have all the time and i wish you the same happiness love every single waking moment.

the morning after:))

leaving my house only to find more cuteness wonders
sounding so silly, fully aware beautiful creatures;0)

i'll leave you with this my princesses & queens

“whatever comes," she said, "cannot alter one thing. if i am a princess in rags and tatters, i can be a princess inside. it would be easy to be a princess if i were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.” 

a little princess

such wonders in this world;0)! can i see that kiss again?

happy 2016


lisa said...

2015 was a wonderful year indeed ♥♥ loving all these photos, i hope to make more memories with you this year :)

Alice Saga said...

yes i'd love to create more memories with you this wonderful year of 2016:)))) xxx