Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back To Art & Ballet School With A Magic Winter Wonderland Alice Film:)

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finally back in art class:)))

this is from my friday where we explore
peckham learning center
my girls:)))
a beginning
neverending story
Alice Saga

all of a sudden i needed the ocean
full of
pastelly fish cuteness:)))
alice saga

the others in my class collaborated
on this
circling around
adding to each others art works/ doodling
i love my teacher
art school

art school
i was first to arrive to my ballet class
see the happiness face?
alice saga

tuesdays = my still life art class
this was my station:)

see what i see??? hahaha!!!

my year starts feb. 14 (did you know?) so january for me is reflecting & going through things plus setting goals and reviewing my visions for the coming year.

found these old photos from my time in new york
photographed by me & styled my my sister linda
here is a behind the scenes photo by me as styled by my sister. the art director, location scouting person & the photographer of the day was my LOVE camilla slertman. we have been on craaazy fun adventures together:))) love you!!!
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the morning of today:)))




i woke up & knew it had been snowing:)))
the wonder i am mentioning wishing to be with me is my grandfather!

the news about david bowie was a sadness shock. human beings like him is such a rarity and our world needs as many of those alive as possible. to guide us! china girl was one of the first albums i ever bought if not the first. for me he was the greatest. 

yes he is with the angels in heaven 
waving down at us

sunday afternoon
will be to
all things 
david bowie
david bowie

this song below is one of many faves of mine

devour your sunday 
beautiful creatures

still working on my pagan poetry
coming february 14th
 my love lily is working on something magic:)))
follow her here!
faerie tales of violette magic
is what she is creating for
zine 1
pagan poetry
love to you lily!!!

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