Sunday, February 21, 2016

Encaustic Mixed Media Art Class

i have fallen in love with using the art form:
 encaustic mixed media
it just turns out magically

thanks joanna mccormick for teaching me this magic:)))


1 select the various media you wanna use for you mixed media collage. if you wanna sell your art, use your own images (or ask the person of permission if you use someone else's). i collected inspirations from years back of saving images i love from magazines and newspapers. i too decided to use prismacolors, pastels and acrylics.

2 select the images you wanna use

if you wanna do image transfer check these notes out from joanna's class
i transferred an image of a bee:))
see it?

3 i used spray mount to stick the images on to my water color paper.

4 did some doodling with my prisma colors.

5 added acrylics

6 added pastels

7 warm up bees wax until it is runny (here if one wants one can add pigment to add a color sheen to the finish of your art work). poor it over you art work. let it work itself out:) if you wanna take away excess put on a tracing paper and put a warm iron on it, lift up paper and do this again if you wanna make the beeswax even in to a thinner  or more even layer.

8 if you want to (i did not do this but will try in the future), you can paint on top of your art piece using oil paint.

here are my images from the class:)))
art school

Kate Moss

art school

art collage


happy sunday beauiful creatures:)

one more thing:)

4 years ago photographed behind the scenes footage for with celine buckens wearing the designs of camilla & marc. a short film was being created. see more photos of that day here.

the magic of celine:))) 
such a young calm & wise woman
celine buckens

celine buckens

during the filming i just HAD to film a tiny bit with my iphone:)

here's an alice in wonderland moment
celine buckens


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