Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Faerie Tales of Violette First Magazine: Pagan Poetry

the print version of my magazine finally came to my house:))

here's a peak:

pagan poetry

buy it here 

lisa lily rose

lauren saxton

eleanor hardwick

martina olsson

there is such beauty in our first issue!!!
thanks to all loves whom contributed to it:) the magazine is on its way to you.

now my thoughts are on issue 2:))) not sure if i have mentioned this but each magazine will have its own name. the working name for issue 2 is "i am a fucking wonder" by the faerie tales of violette. the inspiration behind it is frida kahlo. as issue one it will have 3 interviews & 3 fashion stories. 2 of the stories i already know:) one is of a mermaid beauty and the other is full of cuteness girls in pretty clothes.  i will too give inspirational quotes & images together with some art & loves of violette's among so many other things.

i wish you all a pretty wednesday

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