Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Tasha Tudor Victorian Life

is what i want:)))

such grace! such style! such a beauty!

tasha tudor
tasha tudor
her art, her style, her love of animals & flowers, her grace, her creativity
for life
for me means
tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor
adore love adore love

 there is a tasha tudor museum and right now there is an exhibition happening, one that i must visit!
 seasons of beauty: tasha's love of gardening
open until october 29th 2016

a beginning:)
one starts where ones at
one step at a time towards ones own magic journey
flower fairies

how is your week going:)? i hope filled with love, inspirations & wonder.
mine = art, flowers, creation with a new found obsession of tasha tudor...!!!:)))

mostly having dressed like a cleaning lady
with no make up
organic we can say:)

vintage dress from the annual sale of independent kostym
prada belt
office ballerinas


a house is coming together
fairy tale

tuesday was joanna 
a still life art class
i created this
mixed media art
yes there was a whole set up but i only focused on one flower:)
this cuteness lives inside its blooms of perfection

down by the spring one morning
where the shadows still lay deep
i found in the heart of a flower
a tiny fairy...

a year ago
it's funny i wear that dress today:)))
i was this happy because i was to meet up with my then new lovely friend, now too a contributing editor of faerie tales of violette, lisa lily rose. i was in new york & here i am on my way for a day to devour new jersey with my dear lily:)))
 in my room at the jane

treasures i found that day in jersey
thanks to lisa lily rose
whom took me to the prettiest places
we too devoured a picnic

antique music sheets

some news:)
 this coming period i am to create a 10 year anniversary alice in wonderland book, we turn 10 years old june 4th:)) monday's from now on will equal a face painting class with joanna, tuesdays an art class at morley college & this coming saturday i am to take part of a poetry class, re-writing the work of alice in wonderland. of course more acrobatic gymnastics & art....and yeeeeeey.....the sun is shining:)))

what do you have to look forward to? i hope loads:)

oh & yes i have the bible (as i am talking about in this post) i think. the only thing is that it belonged to my grandparents and i do not know if i wanna create my work in it. maybe i owe it to them & the world to keep it like it is? or does this make it even more personal for my art project? it's such a beauty. a swedish bible, perfect size, beautiful font & the thickness = perfection. shall i???

i'll leave you with this spring beauty
from this morning
peckham rye common

vägen valde dig

i wish you a fun loving weekend


lisa said...

Wow, miss Tasha Tudor seems like a wonderful lady! Your life is starting to mirror hers ;)
I miss you!! ♡♡♡

Alice Saga said...

thanks:)))) it's my goal:)) she is such an inspirational artist:))) i miss you too lovely lisa lily rosexxx