Monday, May 23, 2016


då som nu för alltid

stay gold
vintage outfit
 be joy
you are meant to shine:)))
beautiful people

maybe like in the world of walt disney's?
minnie mouse
cuteness right???

i can highly recommend this book
how to be like walt
i have the audible version:)

wanna join in on my saturday
royal tea parties:)???
disney princess
in the future i am to have cuteness saturday brunches princesse style in my garden:) me with dear ones & the cats!!!

the above wonders i found in our local peckham pound shop. the minnie image is from a notebook and the lovely princesses are in fact a bag that i am to fill with fabrics i use as backgrounds for some of my still life shots!!!

how was your weekend?
did you look for the beauty & magic of this world?
did you say thanks for one more day to devour?
i have turned this into a daily practice!

my weekend looked like this:
weeeknd wonders
friday was art class with joanna teaching. mixed media was the topic (one of my faves) & because of joanna's teaching & presentation of the class i now know a project i am do devour. it involves a bible. i need to find the perfect sized bible with antique font & sturdy paper:))) can't wait to find this treasure and to start my project. it will be a section (i think) in my bigger project "the golden circle of violette".

saturday & sunday = yellow:) at least dress wise. the sunshine dress shown above is a vintage one, can not for my life remember where i found it. both mornings were also devouring the beauty in the woods. sunday i went to my gymnastics class. i really love my teacher here:))) i can now do quite a good hand stand and i dare to do some of the easier flips and such. when i left he complimented me on how well i had done:))) i am so in love with this. and can't wait until i find someone to teach me rhythmic gymnastics since it includes my love of ballet & dance in general.....more of a performance kind.

at fridays art class
disney art
i always bring inspirations to class:)
mixed media
mixed media perfection. the alice print is from dover books who creates books with prints that artists are legally allowed to use! brilliance. a wonderful company!!!

the almost finished piece looks like this
alice in wonderland
i am to add some oil paints 

wanna share some loves of mine
i'll give 3
since it's my magic number:)

i was sent this wonderful wallpaper full of alice in wonderland magic
such beauty
murals wallpaper

murals wallpaper
there are too charles dickens & wizard of oz prints 
as created by
murals wallpaper

while going through some magazines in my house i found the magic of 
kinuko y. craft
fairy tales
i so wanna be able to create beauty like this
such a huge blessing to have found this artist:)

lastly then there is
this is sweden's magic. a band that has been around for about 20 years. i love this band. it's the only one that has stayed with me and it's the only band i still buy complete albums from. their latest album just came out & sadly it's the last one since they will go separate ways come fall after a last tour. the songs/ texts of this band has given me endless of inspirations ideas; too having someone else to sing about things that has been going on in my own mind, the feeling of i am not alone. this band is too the  last bond i had with my ex M whom too loves them (i know he would argue that it's not the last but that is how i feel). anyways....i have the album and it is amazing:))) such ideas this one is to give me.

då som nu för alltid
this was the first message
the announcement
then like now forever

2 years ago this wonder came to my life and she became part of my second self-portrait, the story of the candy cake witch! i was on the beginning of a journey and violette was there
porcelain doll

mirror mirror...!!!
candy cake witch

like golden apples in silver settings, so is a word spoken at the right time

- the bible
proverbs 25:11

i wish you a magic start of our week

pagan poetry
issue 1
the faerie tales of violette

news about issue 2 here & here
i am a f. w.
the faerie tales of violette

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