Thursday, May 19, 2016


i am working on a new project which i call the golden circle of violette and the underlying theme is that of faith hope & love.
i played on tuesday's art class:)) the lesson was the wonders of watercolor and then i went my own way:) as always my love for disney faerie tales are undeniably apparent.
mixed media art
this piece is a mixed media love. first watercolor practice and then i started mixing in pastels, prismacolors...pasted som scraps & some saved disney inspirations....then covered the whole thing with pearlescent acrylics before adding beeswax perfection. 
now i will add
some oil paints to top it all of.
will show soon:)

late spring with a soon summer has come and i am finally back into my vintage cuteness dresses. i feel SO much happier this way. i am exploring a moment of zero make up. trying to just keep my skin clean & healthy through such wonders as chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds & organic organic. 
 vintage dress & bangles
burberry flats

on my way:)
there is to be a poetry workshop happening; re-writing alice in wonderland. saturday may 28th. katherine lockton is teaching and she happens to live here in east dulwich. so here i am on my way to pay her for our saturday to come. i am super excited about this. poetry is something i devour and to add alice to this = perfection in my world.

in a near future i am to create my own little podcast via the faerie tales of violette. one idea is to incorporate poetry into it. i have many thoughts but i am quite clear about the adding of poetry & prose with lots of magic.

every morning i am listening to such wonderful podcasts. most of whom sort of don't seem to belong to my world but they actually gives me such ideas, brilliant ideas every single day...well as does books like harry potter & lord of the rings...but that is more obvious for sure, right??? 

anyways here is brilliance:

 5 podcasts that gives me constant wonders


for my swedes
i adore
värvet by kristoffer triumf

there are many more but these 5 are just brilliant. 


issue 2 by the faerie tales of violette that i call i am a f. w
 will feature the fall 2016 collection of vivetta.  the wonderful eleanor hardwick is to shoot & my sis is to style it. here are a couple of looks i have requested:

former collaborations between the 2:)

it's just a faerie tale for crash magazine

no wallflower for rookie magazine

again the 3 images above are photographed by eleanor hardwick and styled by linda marina portman.

now to something else

today is a special day:))))

hans jakobsson

it's the birthday of one of my stepfathers:)))) & he reads my blog!!!
thank you! i wish you a day filled of beauty & magic.

i wish you all a weekend full of wonders
alice solantania saga

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