Monday, May 16, 2016

The Faerie Tale House of Violette


how are you all doing beautiful wonders? i hope you are enjoying our spring:))) such wonders!

here comes a peak in to my little studio apartment:) wich is full of my art, cameras, books & magazines, inspirations,  my dear beloved porcelain dolls and my cuteness vintage dresses together with the daily visits of my sweetness:)))
artist house

vintage dresses


books of an artist
i am now a member of beckton gymnastics. i can not tell you how much fun it is. to do flips & walk with my hands...i am soon to devour the world of rhytmic gymnastics which adds my love of dance/ ballet:)))
magic right now in the park of peckham
faerie garden
the beauty of nature
and then there is this:)))
such love this wonder has given me.
tomorrow equals art school & the wonders of a lovely joanna.

i'll leave you with something 
i have shared
a million times
but it is a beautiful reminder
 swami rama tirtha

we are without form
without limit
beyond space, beyond time
we are in everything
everything are us
we are the bliss of the universe
we are


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