Monday, November 28, 2016


a new chapter in my life is happening:)))
one based out of epping essex

epping forest
 i have started exploring my new neigbourhood

the above magic can be found in the south of epping forest. this pond which includes a swan family is the boating lake by higham's park. started my adventure happily in this forest on friday and ended up lost  (literally for about 2 hours...)in its vastness...!!! i thought i could tackle this whole forest in a few hours:))) hallelujah was i mistaken. 

i feel so grateful and happy for this new journey to take place finally. this area is filled with peace and quiet, surrounded by the wonders of the forest yet very close to central london ( i am on the central line) where all my art, ballet and gymnastics classes are taking place.

 i am to devour the forest, get to know it fully and creations are to happen the anna pavlova candy cake fairy tale witch way;0)!

at the moment
organizing my new flat. 
i am taking my time because i want this space to feel special. a place to feel be joy. one filled with cuteness magic inspirations.

antique dolls
 amorina & vera

faerie tales of violette life
 finally is being build in its complete
magic roses

me the other day coming back from exploring a world of shops in stratford before heading home to epping and our charity shop ecco where i found a new addition to my little "family":)
antique doll

many books & magazines and such thingies on the floor at the moment
fairy inspirations

the magic of advent calendars
vintage advent calendars
 can you believe it is almost december1st???
alice solantania saga
 wearing a meadham kirchhoff for topshop blouse
jack wills cordoroy skirt

while walking around the other day i found this beautiful mural by jane mutiny!
the magic of owls


i found my lake:)

"and now i'm in water
surrounded by flowers
whose petals i've cried
over hours and hours.
my heart has grown heavy
and i'm starting to sink,
my hair turns to willow,
my eyes cherry-bloss pink,
returning to flowers 
is all i can think.
from out of my chest
 sprout blue hollyhocks
all round me is silent 
but the sound of a clock
and the roll of the water
 as it circles my face
like translucent lace;
the veil of my watery pall."

i can finally start living my life again
faith hope love 
alice solantania saga

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