Monday, December 05, 2016

That Life Exists... That I Am Here... That I May Contribute A Verse:)


how are you? hope you are having a lovely start of december:) 

i am just starting to find my ways around epping!!! finally found where to enter the forest the closest to my house which is SUCH a relief, just to get that daily dose of magic each morning is beyond. little by little my house is coming together too:) next will be to get back to my art, ballet, gymnastics & poetry classes! and to continue to work on our 3rd issue by the faerie tales of violette. 

christmas is coming up:))) 
my mom & aunt will visit me here in epping. we are to have a special day! us 3 little ladies:))) will have to plan our day! new years eve i usually do not do much but this year i am going to devour the nutcracker ballet at the royal opera house. this magic, i am sure, will put me up inspirationally for my dreams of 2017. give me my sugarplum faerie:))) i am to create the most beautiful flower waltz.

here is the beginning of my epping forest:)

epping forest
 that life exists
that i am here
that i may contribute a verse

 that you are here
that life exists and identity
that the powerful play goes on
and you may contribute a verse

- walt whitman

alice saga
the above collage i created in 2013 when i created one of these every day as part of a 365 day project:) a images found on pinterest!

i am continuing playing with the sisters of amorina & vera:)
antique dolls

the only social media thingy i am participating in every day nowadays is pinterest. 
i find endless sources of artists/ inspirations there. 
the other day i found the art of
shirley barber

shirley barber

shirley barber
the magic of shirley's work!!! 
she makes me dream while awake

since i have yet to get internet to my house, i have daily meetings with myself at starbucks which has wonderful wifi:)
i know my new journey is happening, one that will take me beautifully to where i am meant to be. 

if you inherently long for something,
become it first.
if you want gardens, become the gardener.
if you want love, embody love.
if you want mental stimulation,
change the conversation.
if you want peace, exude calmness.
if you want to fill your world
with artists,
begin to paint.
if you want to be valued,
respect your own time.
if you want to live ecstatically,
find the ecstacy within yourself.
this is how to draw it in
day by day, inch by inch.

happy december
alice solantania saga

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