Saturday, December 24, 2016


hey beautiful creatures/ vareleser!

i hope you are having a wonderful start of our holy holiday called christmas. my mommie & auntie is here in epping visiting me:)

 yesterday we had a lovely day,  we spent it with my dear friend sue:) a long lunch at the anchor by london bridge.
here is me happiness with mom, auntie taking photo in anticipation of sue arriving:)))
alice solantania saga with mother

today we are to create my christmas tree and make my little place a tiny bit prettier. and tomorrow:) we hope for the gift of magic happiness. 

last year i looked like this
vintage outfit
 not sure of today's or tomorrow's outfits!!!

 christmas in uddevalla, sweden

may all your blessed magic wishings come true wonders

faith hope love

twelve christmas angels

twelve christmas angels met
up near the milky way
to discuss why joy was missing
from the christmas holiday

it gave them such sadness
as they tracked the negative trend
so each decided to do their part
to bring this madness to an end

angel one would touch memories
reminding of the blessing of life
angel two would tenderise hard hearts
removing bitterness and strife

angel three would gather families
from far reaches of the earth
then stir feelings of love and peace
giving hope and joy new birth

angel four would return merry
and christ to holiday greetings
angel five would clear calendars
to make time for family meetings

angel six would flame enthusiasm
angel seven would spread cheer
angel eight would grow generosity
angel nine would diminish fear

angel ten would dispel darkness
by lighting colorful decorations
angel eleven would draw lonely
to warm and friendly celebrations

angel twelve would have the hardest job
bringing wonder back to each heart
and reminding all the people
of how christmas had its start

then, with haste they met the challenge
and made everything alright
they restored the joy and happiness
before that christmas night

so merry christmas to one and all
may every tongue employ
and thank you christmas angels
for bringing back the christmas joy

- loyd c. taylor

christmas poem lord c. taylor

i'l leave you with beauty
2 years ago i captured this on my home visit over christmas
bjursjön in uddevalla, sweden

merry christmas
god jul
alice solantania saga

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