Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 pray hope wish
for angelic wonders
for all of us

it's been a whirlwind since i moved up to the wonders of epping essex. finally i have wifi, a lovely guy called sam from bt came to fix it earlier today. i am SO excited to be connected again. 

christmas & new years happened. my mom & aunt was here. new years i had bought myself a treat (actually on my birthday) to devour the nutcracker with the national english ballet at the coliseum. it was magic. 

the wonders of the forest here, i am finally kind of getting my head around:))) i am so happy that it's such an enormous place of pure nature. 

there has been difficulties with all this change and uncertainty that has taken place but i do not wanna focus on that and therefore when those unstable things are stable again, i can share it with you guys in a positive manner:) 

 this week all my fun things are starting again. yesterday i started a new art class in lougthon with a dear ruth whom i will also see on thursday mornings. 
brought this to class yesterday:)
art class
 and this:)
ruth dronsfield art class

friday i am to class with lovely lovely dearest joanna in peckham (shared a magic class of hers here) again for some explore creativity. 

ballet is saturday and sunday. 

my flat/ house has a lot to be organized still but i am getting there:))) 

 working on goals for 2017! 
i am just saying nutcracker sugarplum faerie anna pavlova quirkyness! :)
i am too to focus on becoming better at my crafts,  i will share it all, my journey, with you once a week. probably tuesdays! 

do you have any new years resolutions? any dreams for our new year? how has the start been for you? please fill me in if you have the time:)!?

alice saga
the above image is a behind the scenes of a shoot my sister styled several years back (see some behind the scenes photos in this blogpost). the beauty wears a dress by ida sjöstedt. i created an image transfer on to a vintage music sheet and then applied the magic of encaustic media on top of it before putting it in to some photoshop thingies.

this was on christmas morning! i had  created a 2017 calendar with my own work to gift my mom & aunt. i think they appreciated it:) remember my cherry blossom self-portrait series (one image/ with story can be viewed here and another one is sort of a diary behind the scenes of my life back in 2014)? well i used one of those images as the cover of it.
alice saga
some gifts under my little christmas tree:)))
starting to get my house in order, tiny bits by bits!

hm!!! :)))
going through some art works that i might frame and decorate my walls with. the dress hanging is one of my faves, it's by rochas when olivier theyskens was the designer of the house. i'll never forget the moment i bought it in new york at barneys. a moment!
alice saga

how i adore thee, let me count the ways.
angels and advent calendars:)
victorian advent calendar

let's SPELLBOUND our world
shall we?;0)!
my sketchbook:)

alice saga

my ticket to the magic
this moment i was SO excited for it to start!!!
such an amazing building right?

some magic from my mornings
the world 
epping forest
epping forest

epping forest
yes i have manipulated the images:)

a recommendation:))) 
recently i found out about lena dunham's podcast!!! subscribe. i absolutely fell in love with her cat episode. a whole episode about cats hahaha. find it here! of course it is too on itunes where i subscribe to it (could not find how to link).

currently obsessed or shall i stay STILL with the world of tasha tudor:))) i just got her book a time to keep which is filled with awesome inspirations. a time to keep! such a magic title. yes all time is to keep and to celebrate. a gift!
tasha tudor

what if you slept,
and what if,
in your sleep
you dreamed?
and what if,
in your dream,
you went to heaven
and there plucked
a strange and beautiful flower?
and what if,
when you awoke,
you had the flower
in your hand?
what then?

- the way of the wizard, deepak chopra

faith hope love
alice solantania saga

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