Monday, December 19, 2016

the only way is essex magic enchantments;0)!!!

hey lovely beautiful creatures!

it is ALMOST christmas:))) such news right?
 tiny, bit by bit i am figuring out my new home here in epping, essex. i am carefully selecting what things to save and what to toss/ give away. almost all my cuteness dresses are now hung up properly. my inspirations are too getting sorted. all certainly needs to take its own time. 

on thursday my mom & aunt will arrive:))) we are to have a cuteness christmas together. 
alice saga christmas in epping

i hope they can help me put up some of my art & photography works on the empty walls...! 
creating a magic home

editing my things and found this lovely little book
the basket of flowers
and now i have a new idea for an art project
christopher von schmid

it's such a joy with advent calendars
victorian advent calendar

one of my clothing racks!!!
alice saga's vintage dresses

my love jenny sent me such a faerie cuteness card:))) really for my birthday but it came in time for christmas instead:) thank you my lovely lovely jenny!
angelic mail
always so adorable
summer flower love faerie
she does know what i love:)

i went to my art teacher joanna's art class at the union chapel church last wednesay, she taught us how to create victorian christmas cards:)))) 
angels and flowers

while i was walking to the tube i found this little health food shop which carried the wonderful health charts by liz cook! i am in love:)
liz cook charts

i am figuring out 
epping forest
all its magic
epping forest
harry potter

deep in the heart of nature there exists an enchanted otherworld. its powerful magic has been a part of our lives since time immemorial, but its form and shape are as elusive as a dream. nothing is what it seems in faeryland. it can be here, there, everywhere.

beatrice phillpotts

the magic of the enhanted

alice solantania saga

by the way

wanna start my honeymoon 
like these

susan wheeler adorable cutenessness

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