Tuesday, February 21, 2017


always be yourself
unless you can be a unicorn
then always be a unicorn

i had such a glorious morning beautiful creatures:))) filled with miss peregrine and her peculiar children. pure magic! i can't recommend it enough. wonders with the perfection of the forest and its animals. i am so inspired and filled with millions of ideas. an island of enchantments, an island filled with pure joy. faith hope love. a faerie tale world. a space with homage to the likes of  disney, potter, narnia, miss peregrine, alice in wonderland & all the magic of angels, sisters, animals, nature with blooming pure beauty and such thingies. there is so much more to this project but to give you an idea:) finally this place of mine is starting to come together to myself.

here in today's world it's a continuing of re-working some older works of mine, self-portraits from 2014/15. meet some unicorns;0)

the candy cake witch
fine art photography

another version:)
fine art photography

a sunshine flower faerie
still working on this one
fine art photography

here is another similar one but with other colors/ shades
actually the real colors:) 

i am a dream
fine art photography
a violette one of course:)))

my house is far from organized. i SO need a large table so that i can create more art at home & i need a bookshelf so all my books can be transferred away from my floor. all has its own time so am trying patience patience patience...

some family members
an artist house

some hope:)
an artist house

an artist house

my 2017 calendar and its february page (see its cover here) i created for my mommie auntie and to myself:)))
an artist house

my morning pages
morning pages

the beauty of our nature
exploring textures as a layer on top of my flowery images
alice solantania saga

alice solantania saga

tomorrow = the swedish church 
there is a meeting discussing its next issue of kyrkobladet (the church's magazine). i hope to contribute to it or  maybe the next one instead, we'll see:) 
 here's older issues i was part of:)))

on that note:)
this day 2 years ago  
was about to get married for the 5th time
 in one month
such a passion of hers it was
alice solantania saga
was a highly productive year for me
which i did not see at the time 
now looking back:))) 
thanks dear god in the heavens

oh and yes, today is my mom's mom birthday. 
i hope you are having a wonderful day grandma, filled of joy with my dearest grandfather. 
mamma moster

i wish you a magical rest of our week

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