Monday, February 13, 2017


hey beautiful creatures:)))

(before me starting the rant...)
 i wanna say: 

my dearest love and too my aunt/ godmother has her special day today, the 13th of february is her day, a day she arrived to our planet earth:)

i am starting week 3 with the artist's way (have i mentioned this???). i can highly highly recommend it as an artist, or rather as a human being that has been entering our world called earth.

there is a vitality, a life force,
an energy, a quickening, that
is translated through you into
action, and because there is only
one of you in all time, this expression
is unique. and if you block
it, it will never exist through any
other medium and will be lost.

there is only one of you in all time

the artist's way makes sure you create morning pages ( i call them afternoon pages and i only require myself to create/ do one page), these has been tremendously wonderful since they help me to clear my head and i understand what needs to be done every single day, or rather what are the important things to get done. it's a relief really.

other from that, still adjusting. finding..getting to know...exploring my forest called epping. yesterday i finally found the church within it. i met both the priest and the organist:))) such lovely ones. i am to go back for the service ( i was there way early). every morning i am meeting such deer's;0) literally. started reading/ listening to the book "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" and it is pure enchantments. i completely understand the reason why tim burton turned it into a movie. i am yet to view this magic, but happy to read the book first to involve my own imagination:)))

also, i am building my own world. i have yet to name it but of course it is part of my faerie tales of violette one. maybe help me with this important decision? this whole project is an homage to so many brilliant ones ( will speak more about this in our dear future). and its a message i wanna convey because we in our day and age need more of

faith hope love

don't you agree?

for the first time in my life i am really ( nightmares reality) worried about our planet. not only the horrific things that are happening in regards to global warming and waste of all kinds.....but of such anger that has been building up in various places around our planet. as the dear rob bell talks about, we are one body! as the supper of jesus...the bread & the wine to share. the bread is our body. lots of small bodies in a larger body. me you us nature animals and such magic, we are all one body including society/ politics and such other issues.

let's celebrate joy & justice in a way of faith hope love.

i am planning new works which are fine art projects, simultaneously i am too re-working some old self-portraits to have me learn some new, or maybe i should say old mixed with new techniques:)))

here are a couple of them:

the child bride
the strawberry girl
a tiny blog post
the outfit  post to be seen

playing playing playing:)))
magic joy

i am a dream

the i am a dream is me working with a specific texture  (and me working obsessively with all kinds of textures for my body or works)i captured in the forest of epping.

 my obsession with textures has come via the lovely sarah gardner and her book art beyond the lens. thanks sarah for sharing such inspirational knowledge of texutures, photography and photoshop:) i am no where near the perfection she is inspiring me to create in the future...but a start is good enough for me:))))

a strawberry girl 
vintage magic
dress found at blondie/ absolute vintage
apron was my dear grandmother's birgit's:)))
gold heart was gifted to me by my dearest love godmother marina whose day is today!!! and it was a gift she originallly gifter her mom/ my grandma! it is my dearest possession. 

inspiration galore
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children

there is only one of you in all time
get it?
never forget
there is only one of you in all time
faith hope love
alice solantania saga

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