Monday, February 06, 2017


develop interest in life as you see it; 
in people, things, literature, music
the world is so rich, 
simply throbbing with 
rich treasures,
beautiful souls
interesting people.
forget yourself!

i remind myself of this every hour of the day, to forget myself. to devour the world and its astonishing beauty. every single time when i have been in recovery, this is what has helped me back to joy. every single time!

 i am really finally learning how to live in this present moment. 
i guess by necessity


now = good wonderful

yesterday was such pain
such painful helplessness memories

tomorrow might bring sadness
but we hope for joy

now = beauty safety:)

i am so grateful to finally have a home again, a safety place to come back to after adventures. i miss sweetness tremendously(she is part of a tiny documentary i created from my former life in east dulwich) and i am hoping to get a kitty of my own soon:))) i am too happy to be in epping, the forest is simply put magic! it has been an adjustment though that is still kind of very difficult, a lot of sadness of what did happen. maybe i'll share more in the future!

 every single morning  though, i meet a deer family in the forest of epping:))) sadly i seem to scare them, but when they have run away a bit, they all stop and stare at me and i then take my moment to say good morning:))) i SO HOPE they one day will recognize my voice and just feel the love coming from me.

 some images from my house. still figuring it all out, i definately need more furniture to put my books and art materials in/ on. all has its own time, i am to be patient:)

inspirations mixed with my own works
alice saga

this is the corner where my christmas tree held its space...!
view my tiny happiness here:)))
now some of my dolls and clowns has a home:)
alice saga

these tiny bookshelves are coming together.
alice saga

need to get this table in order.
alice saga

working to get my joy back
here are 2 days with the artist's way by julia cameron at starbucks in epping:)
alice saga

alice saga

mixed media
 put some finishing touches on the above mixed media piece in august of 2016:) 
was searching for something and came across it here:)))

see deer's?
here is a tiny section of epping forest's magic
epping forest

epping forest
 this forest is so huge. i can not wait to devour spring here:) my love sue tells me it has millions of bluebells:)))

i wanna share some inspiration:)))
this hope is created 
the lovely
astrid artistic efforts


faith hope & love
forget yourself and devour what's around us
alice solantania saga

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