Tuesday, December 03, 2019

a poem, a birthday, a new shop & soon a new decade!!! 🌸

 hey beautiful lovelies🌸

(update from a january 7th of 2020, 
from this year i am to exploring creating my monthly blogposts 
on saturdays instead of tuesdays, 
so i will meet you january 11th🌷)

it is december!!! 😍
it's time for all the magic of anticipation, arrival of christmas...the birth of jesus christ and all celebrations that comes with that. i am so excited since i am going home to uddevalla, sweden to be with my mom aunt and other dear ones i love and hold dear at home💜💜💜

we have experienced a whole november though:) how was yours? for me there was my birthday, i too opened up my new shop where i sell a tiny selection of my fine art prints ( soon to be a bigger selection) and i got the new magazine "kyrkobladet" by the swedish church in london; where my self portrait and poem was published (which i will share with you in this post😊). 

something astounding occurred to me this morning, in about 4 weeks we have finished a whole decade. i have been so focused on entering a new decade that i forgot the one we have just devoured. ohlalala what a ride this decade has been. i say thank you!!! thank you universe/ god for all that you have taught me (so far). 
soon we have finished a whole decade
there is so much work to do to protect and love our planet earth🌸🐣🐢🐒

here is a print i am soon to add to my shop
it is a composite from a couple of self-portraits (from 2014 and 2015) and a couple of still life of roses from this past november.

i am dreamingly longing for you my dear sisters 
alice saga

i have started creating weekly fine art photography shoots in my flat
(a tiny bit cold to be outside)
a flowery bed of roses
fine art by alice saga
in my last post i shared an iphone double expousre from this shoot
here is an image from my canon full fram camera

november 12th was my birthday😊🌷
and i created this delicious cake
a vegan gluten free gingerbread cake
i will share recipe soon💖
 i really did have a lovely day
i always have lovely days when i feel creatively fulfilled

she is thriving while cleaning the air in my flat:)))
her name is jenny christina
she is named after my adorable friend 
the artist
(whom was a partner in crime getting the baby seed of this beauty)

this candelabra a neighbour of mine had decided to toss away this morning, thanks!!!
 i think it looks perfect here in my flat:)))
 i plan to decorate it so it becomes more flowery and victorian
 (we'll see if that actually happens...💜😊maybe i should leave it clean?)

 my (first goal of 2020) project for next spring is my
 "le spectre de la rose" short film. 
one where i will be dancing a tiny variation from a ballet. 
i might mix it with some of my prose/ poetry. 

here is the first pair of ballerina shoes i worn out for this project

of course a lot of play with the beauty of the rose

a nature faerie ballerina

the brilliant actress emma thompson is on the cover
there is a lovely article with her inside about her activism
emma thompson

 my spread

are you there god? it’s me alice.

with all that i understand,
 one shall ask and trust to receive.
i am asking you therefore
to gift me the life i love.
you know my pink victorian house
surrounded by a blossoming magically perfumed garden,
where my sweetness has space for joy,
yes my sweetness,
please don’t forget her.

are you there god?
it’s me alice

with all that i know
me being a special drop
in the magnificence of the ocean
with every other uniqueness of life.
we are all one.
that if i do good to you
i do good to me.
that trees talks to each other,
that nature the universe the planet
is a mathematical perfection
all collaborating for the greater good
knowing all this
how am i to live my life?
how am i to share my gifts for the greater good?
let your truth go through me,
please don’t forget.

are you there god?
it’s me alice.

with all the glorious beauty 
surrounding me,
the abundance of it.
to be a creation among 
all others.
how do i stay in awe?
how do i pleasure my heart?
how do i treasure all of it ?
in order
to have my moment nourished.
please gift me the whispers of a poetic life.
please help me re-member myself.

snälle gode gud hjälp mig

 i have been playing with my iphone apps:)
having one of my vintage dolls be the subject 
of course together with a bath of roses

the year of 2014 i created a collage a day for 365 days
most day's on my ipad;
when i had more time i did a true cut and paste one,
here is one of them😊
that we are here
that life exists

i wanna share this again again & again

keep true to the rare music in
your heart, to the marvelous and
unique form that is and shall
always be nothing else but you.

mark z. danielewski
"house of leaves"

i will see you in the new decade of 2020
january 7th🌸🌸🌸
alice saga