Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Tasha Tudor Victorian Life

is what i want:)))

such grace! such style! such a beauty!

tasha tudor
tasha tudor
her art, her style, her love of animals & flowers, her grace, her creativity
for life
for me means
tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor

tasha tudor
adore love adore love

 there is a tasha tudor museum and right now there is an exhibition happening, one that i must visit!
 seasons of beauty: tasha's love of gardening
open until october 29th 2016

a beginning:)
one starts where ones at
one step at a time towards ones own magic journey
flower fairies

how is your week going:)? i hope filled with love, inspirations & wonder.
mine = art, flowers, creation with a new found obsession of tasha tudor...!!!:)))

mostly having dressed like a cleaning lady
with no make up
organic we can say:)

vintage dress from the annual sale of independent kostym
prada belt
office ballerinas


a house is coming together
fairy tale

tuesday was joanna 
a still life art class
i created this
mixed media art
yes there was a whole set up but i only focused on one flower:)
this cuteness lives inside its blooms of perfection

down by the spring one morning
where the shadows still lay deep
i found in the heart of a flower
a tiny fairy...

a year ago
it's funny i wear that dress today:)))
i was this happy because i was to meet up with my then new lovely friend, now too a contributing editor of faerie tales of violette, lisa lily rose. i was in new york & here i am on my way for a day to devour new jersey with my dear lily:)))
 in my room at the jane

treasures i found that day in jersey
thanks to lisa lily rose
whom took me to the prettiest places
we too devoured a picnic

antique music sheets

some news:)
 this coming period i am to create a 10 year anniversary alice in wonderland book, we turn 10 years old june 4th:)) monday's from now on will equal a face painting class with joanna, tuesdays an art class at morley college & this coming saturday i am to take part of a poetry class, re-writing the work of alice in wonderland. of course more acrobatic gymnastics & art....and yeeeeeey.....the sun is shining:)))

what do you have to look forward to? i hope loads:)

oh & yes i have the bible (as i am talking about in this post) i think. the only thing is that it belonged to my grandparents and i do not know if i wanna create my work in it. maybe i owe it to them & the world to keep it like it is? or does this make it even more personal for my art project? it's such a beauty. a swedish bible, perfect size, beautiful font & the thickness = perfection. shall i???

i'll leave you with this spring beauty
from this morning
peckham rye common

vägen valde dig

i wish you a fun loving weekend

Monday, May 23, 2016


då som nu för alltid

stay gold
vintage outfit
 be joy
you are meant to shine:)))
beautiful people

maybe like in the world of walt disney's?
minnie mouse
cuteness right???

i can highly recommend this book
how to be like walt
i have the audible version:)

wanna join in on my saturday
royal tea parties:)???
disney princess
in the future i am to have cuteness saturday brunches princesse style in my garden:) me with dear ones & the cats!!!

the above wonders i found in our local peckham pound shop. the minnie image is from a notebook and the lovely princesses are in fact a bag that i am to fill with fabrics i use as backgrounds for some of my still life shots!!!

how was your weekend?
did you look for the beauty & magic of this world?
did you say thanks for one more day to devour?
i have turned this into a daily practice!

my weekend looked like this:
weeeknd wonders
friday was art class with joanna teaching. mixed media was the topic (one of my faves) & because of joanna's teaching & presentation of the class i now know a project i am do devour. it involves a bible. i need to find the perfect sized bible with antique font & sturdy paper:))) can't wait to find this treasure and to start my project. it will be a section (i think) in my bigger project "the golden circle of violette".

saturday & sunday = yellow:) at least dress wise. the sunshine dress shown above is a vintage one, can not for my life remember where i found it. both mornings were also devouring the beauty in the woods. sunday i went to my gymnastics class. i really love my teacher here:))) i can now do quite a good hand stand and i dare to do some of the easier flips and such. when i left he complimented me on how well i had done:))) i am so in love with this. and can't wait until i find someone to teach me rhythmic gymnastics since it includes my love of ballet & dance in general.....more of a performance kind.

at fridays art class
disney art
i always bring inspirations to class:)
mixed media
mixed media perfection. the alice print is from dover books who creates books with prints that artists are legally allowed to use! brilliance. a wonderful company!!!

the almost finished piece looks like this
alice in wonderland
i am to add some oil paints 

wanna share some loves of mine
i'll give 3
since it's my magic number:)

i was sent this wonderful wallpaper full of alice in wonderland magic
such beauty
murals wallpaper

murals wallpaper
there are too charles dickens & wizard of oz prints 
as created by
murals wallpaper

while going through some magazines in my house i found the magic of 
kinuko y. craft
fairy tales
i so wanna be able to create beauty like this
such a huge blessing to have found this artist:)

lastly then there is
this is sweden's magic. a band that has been around for about 20 years. i love this band. it's the only one that has stayed with me and it's the only band i still buy complete albums from. their latest album just came out & sadly it's the last one since they will go separate ways come fall after a last tour. the songs/ texts of this band has given me endless of inspirations ideas; too having someone else to sing about things that has been going on in my own mind, the feeling of i am not alone. this band is too the  last bond i had with my ex M whom too loves them (i know he would argue that it's not the last but that is how i feel). anyways....i have the album and it is amazing:))) such ideas this one is to give me.

då som nu för alltid
this was the first message
the announcement
then like now forever

2 years ago this wonder came to my life and she became part of my second self-portrait, the story of the candy cake witch! i was on the beginning of a journey and violette was there
porcelain doll

mirror mirror...!!!
candy cake witch

like golden apples in silver settings, so is a word spoken at the right time

- the bible
proverbs 25:11

i wish you a magic start of our week

pagan poetry
issue 1
the faerie tales of violette

news about issue 2 here & here
i am a f. w.
the faerie tales of violette

Thursday, May 19, 2016


i am working on a new project which i call the golden circle of violette and the underlying theme is that of faith hope & love.
i played on tuesday's art class:)) the lesson was the wonders of watercolor and then i went my own way:) as always my love for disney faerie tales are undeniably apparent.
mixed media art
this piece is a mixed media love. first watercolor practice and then i started mixing in pastels, prismacolors...pasted som scraps & some saved disney inspirations....then covered the whole thing with pearlescent acrylics before adding beeswax perfection. 
now i will add
some oil paints to top it all of.
will show soon:)

late spring with a soon summer has come and i am finally back into my vintage cuteness dresses. i feel SO much happier this way. i am exploring a moment of zero make up. trying to just keep my skin clean & healthy through such wonders as chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds & organic organic. 
 vintage dress & bangles
burberry flats

on my way:)
there is to be a poetry workshop happening; re-writing alice in wonderland. saturday may 28th. katherine lockton is teaching and she happens to live here in east dulwich. so here i am on my way to pay her for our saturday to come. i am super excited about this. poetry is something i devour and to add alice to this = perfection in my world.

in a near future i am to create my own little podcast via the faerie tales of violette. one idea is to incorporate poetry into it. i have many thoughts but i am quite clear about the adding of poetry & prose with lots of magic.

every morning i am listening to such wonderful podcasts. most of whom sort of don't seem to belong to my world but they actually gives me such ideas, brilliant ideas every single day...well as does books like harry potter & lord of the rings...but that is more obvious for sure, right??? 

anyways here is brilliance:

 5 podcasts that gives me constant wonders


for my swedes
i adore
värvet by kristoffer triumf

there are many more but these 5 are just brilliant. 


issue 2 by the faerie tales of violette that i call i am a f. w
 will feature the fall 2016 collection of vivetta.  the wonderful eleanor hardwick is to shoot & my sis is to style it. here are a couple of looks i have requested:

former collaborations between the 2:)

it's just a faerie tale for crash magazine

no wallflower for rookie magazine

again the 3 images above are photographed by eleanor hardwick and styled by linda marina portman.

now to something else

today is a special day:))))

hans jakobsson

it's the birthday of one of my stepfathers:)))) & he reads my blog!!!
thank you! i wish you a day filled of beauty & magic.

i wish you all a weekend full of wonders
alice solantania saga

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Faerie Tale House of Violette


how are you all doing beautiful wonders? i hope you are enjoying our spring:))) such wonders!

here comes a peak in to my little studio apartment:) wich is full of my art, cameras, books & magazines, inspirations,  my dear beloved porcelain dolls and my cuteness vintage dresses together with the daily visits of my sweetness:)))
artist house

vintage dresses


books of an artist
i am now a member of beckton gymnastics. i can not tell you how much fun it is. to do flips & walk with my hands...i am soon to devour the world of rhytmic gymnastics which adds my love of dance/ ballet:)))
magic right now in the park of peckham
faerie garden
the beauty of nature
and then there is this:)))
such love this wonder has given me.
tomorrow equals art school & the wonders of a lovely joanna.

i'll leave you with something 
i have shared
a million times
but it is a beautiful reminder
 swami rama tirtha

we are without form
without limit
beyond space, beyond time
we are in everything
everything are us
we are the bliss of the universe
we are