Friday, October 24, 2014

Meet Violette The Fairy Princesse


i have had the best day. and it's not even 3pm:) first i had an errand in covent garden before heading over to chelsea where i had been invited to this wonderful art fair in chelsea's town hall, parallax. i have met such wonderful & talented artists from all over the world. too I met an adorable girl, maria whom told me that if i visit milan, she would take me around to all the wonderful galleries and places they have:) she was so sweet so i will take her up on  that offer:) then i devoured the whole chelsea area and found my violette house. that did it for me, the princesse that i am; all my wishes & dreams are today coming true.


beyond retro princesse dress
antique earrings
burberry flowery printed shoes

happy friday
alice solantania saga

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some of My Loves For Spring Summer 2015 (Part 1)

press days started this week! i have been to a few and will go to many more next week. this is part 1.

 here's some lovely things i have found to wear come spring 2015!

top to bottom (all spring 15 samples):

1& 2 rebecca taylor pink dress & gown 3&4 essentiel antwerp dress & skirt 5 fyodor golan gown 6 cacharel prints 7 holly fulton skirt with flower appliqués 8 edit black satin dress. 9 self-portrait sheer top 10 azzaro paris evening bag. 11 skagen necklace 12&13 tatty devine cuteness necklaces

the rebecca taylor dress at the top fits the story i am planning to create perfectly. it's also a dress i am dying to have in my own closet:)

alice solantania saga

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today I Am A Sunshine School Girl

hey beautiful creatures:)

so today i ended up as so many other times, at the albion in shoreditch to devour some coffee with soy milk while working. i have been to a couple of press appointments meeting lovely people & saw some wonderful thingies for spring 2015. will show some of my faves from this week in a couple of days. i have an idea now:) something i can not wait to create with someone. the original idea started a while back from a music video, now it starts to come together when i have seen some spring 15 samples that fits my idea beautifully. i wanna focus on the styling this time so who's gonna be the photographer has started to enter my mind:)!!! 

now i am to work on some of my images since i am to take a class on sunday on how to create your own photography book. i need to have some images printed out by friday. 

"walk towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you"

a school girl outfit

vintage school girl dress
antique cross necklace
office ballerinas

  braided my hair and sunshine was happening so sunnies were needed very much indeed:) some additions happened!

balenciaga sunnies
beyond retro cardie

alice solantania saga

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Adventure Day Cuteness Outfit


just bought a lovely soy latte at a place i adore, look mom no hands:))) i love sitting here reading/ working. today is all press appointments to view spring 15 collections. my first is finished, bpcm wonders. found a few cute things! I am lucky since all my appointments are based in east london so i can just walk from place to place.

sad news, the wonderfully talented and charismatic designer oscar de la renta has passed away. the last of that special generation it feels like:( a whole era is gone.

" the only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. you have to appreciate every single day that you're alive. life is a little bit like a garden -- you have to find time to plant the weeds for beautiful flowers to grow."

- the beauty of mr. oscar de la renta

vintage prairie dress
grandma's gold heart
office envy ballerinas

a rose:)
 this image is part of my a midsummer night's dream:) it's from last year.

alice solantania saga