Monday, September 22, 2014

In Search Of Beauty

i've just come back home to east dulwich after a wonderful day exploring fulham palace and bishops park:) fulham palace has a wonderful wonderful garden called "the walled garden", go visit if you can. afterwards go get a coffee and enjoy the garden of the palace!

at the moment i am in search of beauty. i live breath devour only for that. constantly exploring is a mission. someone important to me told me years ago to do this as often as possible, to devour what god gave us. "god's gift" as i see signs saying all over london actually:)

photos ( clockwise from top left): 1on my way home i usually pass by this cat:) she does not like me very much, but who cares right:))?. 2 sometimes on my morning walk i visit wells park in forest hill, this was saturday morning. right now the colours are amazing. 3 from today! see the beauty of the walled garden of fulham palace?. 4 franklins always buys the most glorious flowers to make their tables look pretty with tiny flower arrangements. my second home as i am sure you know.

i hope you are having an adorable start of the week!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Gredelin Gräddnos Saturday Outfit

 seek your
through the 
standards of 
the world!

know your

the above is very easy to forget. so let's remind ourselves of this every single day, yes:)?

know your worth!

east dulwich is to greet a gredelin gräddnos today:)

vintage dress
antique cross necklace
ecco sandals

i wish you a wonderful saturday!
alice solantania saga

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Friday, September 19, 2014

KNITWEAR Chanel To Westwood at the Fashion & Textile Museum

i was invited to preview the fashion and textile museum's new exhibition, knitwear: chanel to westwood wednesday evening. it was such a pleasure and such a source of inspiration. 

the sister by sibling dress (top image)....!!! was the start of the journey for me. then off it was to devour these beautiful fashion photographs as created by norman parkinson. these prints i kept on going back to, to stare at. my next wonder was actually all those knit cardigans, such quality. i am the queen of cardigans, did you know? i prefer wearing several cardies instead of a jacket:) of course i loved the chanel section! i too fell in love with the fancy needlework illustrated! before i left, i visited the store of the museum which carries dangerously inspiring books! especially one on laura ashely perfection (half price at the moment on top of it all)!

if you live in london or if you are to visit, i would highly recommend visiting this wonderful museum to view this exhibition which opened today! it runs until january 18th 2015.

alice solantania saga

(more details here.)

Saturday, September 13, 2014


i need a tiny vacation, some days to just be.

yesterday at franklins

there is lots to plan.
 so many dreams.

with love
alice solantania saga

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