Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Happiness Tuesday In New York

New York
i had such a beautiful tuesday:)

first of course some morning walk magic. then home to make myself ready to meet my beautiful friend polina barskaya, we were to have lunch at buvette in the west village, devoured a delicious beetroot with almonds & cream dish. then we browsed some cute stores like jil stuart & apc. polina is such a wonderful artist, some portraits she has created of me can be viewed here. i too stopped by the bookstore with the best selection of photography & fashion books i have  ever seen, bookmarc! such inspirations. later afternoon i ended up at mother's ruin where i did some reading before i met up with my friend joseph. we were to go to this event at the boutique kirna zabete in soho. lots of champagne & wonderful people i met there:)))

went home to devour dinner while watching some television. 

top image (clockwise):

the hudson river magic. wonderful jam's at murray's cheese on bleecker street. the beauty of polina, we are about to have lunch at buvette. a beautiful block off bleecker street.

photography books

T New York Times Style Magazine

Kirna Zabete

my friend joseph to the right & a lovely boy i met yesterday whom i forgot the name of. we had such fun  with loads of luxury champagne at kirna zabete.
handsome boys with champagne

today i am off to coney island & then meet my dear dear dear friend camilla at laduree on west broadway:)))

alice solantania saga

Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga Saturday In New York

i love new york

i had the best saturday. started with a morning walk along the river before heading home to get myself cuteness ready to meet my new friend lisa:) we had plans to meet at hiroko's place in the west village. after a delicious curry we headed towards a cat parlour haha. we ended our day to devour some candy cute lolita dresses at a shop called baby, the stars shine bright. lisa thank you for our saturday!!! xxx



which means my church

the wonders of 
timothy keller
New York
clocwise from top left:

an i love new york cat painting at the meow cat parlour:). vanilla glazed doughnuts at dean & deluca on broadway/ prince street. pastel cuteness dresses at baby, the stars shine bright. perfection at the economy candy store.

wonders at the meow parlour

Hiroko's Place

Alice Solantania Saga
me having a happiness moment at schillers
went here after i had parted with lisa. they always have the latest issues of vogue, elle, allure and such magazines to that i did. this with my gratefulness thoughts.
love love love their cheap white so had 2 glasses.

it's impossible,
said pride.
it's risky,
said experience.
it's pointless,
said reason.
give it a try,
whispered the heart.

- unknown

alice solantania saga

Friday, May 15, 2015



i am in new york and i am beyond happiness. my first two day's i have been on an adventure, just devouring the city. the first day i met my love peter whom i view as one of my closest friends. yesterday i met my dear friend amanda!  i had forgotten how much i have been missing this perfection person. she brought me to this place where she works, the metropolitan building. they rent out this beautiful place for various fashion shoots, tv & film projects. i had so much fun! 

today i will walk around east village & soho. then i am to meet one of my most dearest friends, timothy nazzaro. can't wait! it's been 2 years.

seize this very minute;
what you can do, or dream
you can, begin it;
boldness has genius, power
magic in it.

take care of your friday beautiful creatures

Alice Solantania Saga & Amanda Bruns
 see us?
i mean me & amanda:)
 i am so happy here!
Metropolitan Building in New York
amanda working "really" hard hahaha in her office. that office:)))!!!! i am in dear envy. 

Alice Solantania Saga
clockwise from top left:

me in my room at the jane hotel. devouring american vogue and some wine. this is a wonderful place, it's called frank and it's where i devoured wine & vogue. washington square...these two were amazingly wonderfully talented.

for the past couple of day's i have created my morning walk along the hudson river to devour the statue of liberty:)
Statue of Liberty

i wish you a beautiful thursday
alice solantania saga