Monday, April 27, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga Monday Full of Cakes, Cats & Flowers

such a monday

the day started with my morning walk & podcasts. i have so many back to back episodes as created by mr triumph:) today i listened to an interview with our  (swedish) former prime minister fredrik reinfeldt & the wonder laleh!!! also captured my dream house (again) with my sx-70 polaroid camera. then home it was to braid my hair then put on some violette clothing before rushing off to central london. i was in dear need of techie apple people, i dread this store but it went SO smoothly and the boy who helped me was fantastic. i also captured beauty in green park & st.james. too ran in to this little market which sells homemade/ baked thingies:)  liberty also happened as was as many bookstores i could find since i am in need of inspirational ballet poses that i can use for my flower of the faeries series.
when coming back home this cat was waiting for me to devour her. 
Cakes, Cats & Flowers
clockwise from top left:

at waterstone i found the most amazing book about the talented and late alexander mcqueen. cookies & cream perfection at the market i ran into. roses from liberty. that beauty was sitting outside my house!!!

ballet pose inspiration 
now = home & happily exhausted!

how was your monday? i hope it has been treating you well.

alice solantania saga

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meet The Devouring Tulip

 devour everything 
be drunk

on wine, poetry & virtue

yesterday while creating my morning walk in the woods of dulwich, i listened to filip & fredrik illuminating the world podcast. they were talking about this new pod that is created by one of sweden's most respected actors, mikael persbrandt (also being the sexiest man ever). of course i subscribed immediately to it, it is called "i am". such a beautiful pod cast. it is full of poetry, music and his thoughts on a journey where he is to find out if he is bi-polar, and if he is, to get the tools to handle his life a tiny bit better.

he read this poem 

i think a lot of people can relate to this!
to disappear from reality
at all times

(sorry for all my non swede readers)

man måste alltid vara berusad. det är allt: det är det enda det är frågan om. för att inte känna tidens förfärliga börda som knäcker era skuldror och böjer er mot marken, måste ni berusa er utan uppehåll. men med vad? med vin, med poesi eller med dygd, allt efter behag. men berusa er! och om någon gång, på trappan till ett palats, på det gröna gräset i ett dike, i ert rums dystra ensamhet, ni vaknar, och berusningen redan är förminskad eller försvunnen, fråga vinden, vågen, stjärnan, fågeln, klockan, allt det som flyr, allt det som kvider, allt det som rullar, allt det som sjunger, allt det som talar, fråga vilken tid det är; och vinden, vågen, stjärnan, fågeln, klockan, skall svara er: det är tid att berusa sig! för att inte vara tidens plågade slavar, berusa er utan uppehåll! med vin, med poesi eller med dygd, allt efter behag.

- charles baudelaire

meet the devouring tulip
also known as alice;0)!
vintage outfit

Vintage Outfit

Vintage Outfit

Vintage Outfit

a tulip outfit

antique cross necklace
office green as in envy ballerinas

 that garden:)))
right now in dulwich park, london

devour it all beautiful readers
alice solantania saga

i also learned while listening to perfection mikael that he can sing:) like leonard cohen! someone you love from the movie of the same name.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today I Am Candy Cute Brilliant

tiny correction
 i am always candy cute brilliant!
of course:)

started the day off beautifully! early as i prefer while listening to the swedish radio. then a new episode of filip & fredrik arrived which had me laughing out loud only god knows how many times:))

now i am out to devour & capture my house to be.
 in full sunshine mode!

Cute Outfit
a candy brilliance outfit

top shop candy jumper
grandma's gold heart
office green as in envy ballerinas
braids by moi

one year ago today
this creature happened:)))
Cuteness Cat

empathetic people - dreamers & idealists - have this sort of accidental power. most spend their early years ridden with self-doubt, insecurity, and people pleasing habits. but their journey is inevitably derailed when this comfortable life gets uprooted by an unexpected darkness. suddenly their trusted methods no longer seem to bring them happiness. at first this depression convinces them that they might never feel joyful again. but ultimately, it sets them a quest for something more - for love, justice and wisdom. once this adventure begins, there is no stopping a dreamer. and when dreamers unite? well, that's how we start to change the world.

-author unknown
(found quote here)

i am on a quest for love, justice, wisdom & to capture devouring beauty. the adventure has begun.

i wish you a happiness thursday
alice solantania saga