Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today I Need A Grandma

i guess i'll have to be that one myself;0)!

meet violette the grandmother
Independent Kostym vintage dress

grandma outfit

independent kostym grandma flowery printed dress
antique cross necklace
wolford violette stockings
burberry flats

today i woke up after for once having slept through the whole night:) such energy my walk had because of that. me with sam (the slayer haha) in the woods. came home & started setting up my new scanner (thanks aunt mom and step father). this is something i was meaning to do a few weeks ago but technical things always scares me. never too late as they say, at least with matters like these.

something that is on my mind is the fact that i need to have more people around me on a daily basis, inspiring ones! the ones who are based here in london. i am so grateful for all those loves around the world i have found on the internet (and whom inspires me on a daily basis via blogs, facebook & instagram), but it would be lovely to spend "real" time with some like them here in london. a goal of mine is to find you:)))

now is at my wonderful place, the albion. filter coffee with soy milk = perfection. i am to continue working on a schedule for my daily life, one that is more productive or shall i say more creative. to live with more intent. create beauty makes me happy.

i am obsessed by osho. his thoughts on life are sheer brilliance.
he is another grandfather of mine as of now.

“Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars… and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers - for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.” 

- osho

someone's work table;0)!!!
The Albion Cafe
clean slate it was then...well not now:)
alice solantania saga

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Sugar & Spice Tuesday To Dream Create Magic


just about to have some tea at toast & plan my daily routine that i am to have from february 14th to the 13th of 2016! then it's all art inc.

my corpse bride character will have to happen next week instead because i need my violette roses which i know i am to find at columbia street flower market on sunday. this is a place of wonder, if you have not been here i highly recommend devouring:) every sunday in fact! 

when i was looking through my blog for some images from the times i've been to to this flower market, i found this quote in one of my posts:))) jim jarmusch perfection of it's just a fairy tale!

"devour old films, new films,
music, books, paintings,
photographs, poems, dreams,
random conversations,
architecture, bridges,
street signs, trees, clouds,
bodies of water, light
and shadows. select only
things to steal from that
speak directly to your soul.
if you do this, your work
(and theft) will be authentic.
authenticity is invaluable;
originality is nonexistent."

i am devouring you jim;0)!!!

APC dress
 a 60's waif outfit 

apc dress
top shop lace top worn beneath
antique cross necklace
gabor balleirnas

A Quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
what you can do & dream
 you can begin!

from your sugar & spice girl
alice solantania saga

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Princesse Tuvstarr & The Corpse Bride

Self Portrait by Alice Solantania Saga
she is exhausted. sadness has overtaking her. this struggle was not meant to happen. real life was to be an adventure full of life & stories. instead the world has torn her apart, losing her heart and about to get spell bound. for the rest of her life.

the 9th part of my princesse from the dream castle tale.

the last section of my story is to happen when i find the perfect river!

here is a tiny film i created with the super 8 mm app while being on my way to yesterday's location. talking myself into the character.
sorry for the constant runny nose (i am not crying...)!
i have yet to learn how to edit a film:) hallelujah.

next character is the corpse bride which is to happen next week!
Collage by Alice Solantania Saga
poses to the left & movie inspirations to the right.

if i touch a burning candle,  i can feel no pain. in the ice or in the sun, it's all the same. yet i feel my heart is aching. though it does not beat, it's breaking. and the pain here that i feel, try and tell me it's not real. i know that i am dead, yet it seems that i still have some tears to shed.

-the corpse bride, tim burton

i worked on my corpse bride after yesterday's tuvstarr shoot at toasted
Corpse Bride Notes

i wish you a wonderful creative sunday!
alice solantania saga

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today Is Hope


how are you all? i hope you are having a wonderful start of our weekend. i've just come back from the woods having created the next to last part of my tuvstarr tale. i'm having a tea at toasted here in dulwich while blogging. on my way to today's location i created a tiny super 8 film, maybe i'll show you tomorrow. my princesse is now exhausted and am about to loose all hope before getting spellbound, she is loosing her heart. 

today then = hope

reflecting on this today:

sadness gives depth. happiness gives height. sadness gives roots. happiness gives branches. happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. the bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. in fact, it is always in proportion. that's its balance.

- osho

such wisdom

Meadham Kirchhoff for Top Shop
 a sweetness outfit

meadham kirchhoff for top shop baby doll dress
antique cross necklace
wolford violet stockings
burberry shoes

i created this collage a while back when i needed 
beautiful hope
Collage by Alice Solantania Saga
today is hope

i wish you all a wonderful saturday
alice solantania saga

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