Thursday, November 26, 2015


magic is a constant on my mind 
to live magically

fairy tale

yesterday i went to central london for a meeting and was early so of course i dove into my fave book stores on piccadilly, hatchards & waterstones. the magic & inspirations of books is such a world of wonder. i always crave millions of books for my house. to top it all off i ended up in a vintage magazine store where i found the most beautiful vogue from 1972. finally it was 1pm for my meeting which was devouring a fairy tale. will tell more in the future.

the beautiful floral illustrations are from a stunning book by pierre-joseph redouté, published by taschen as is the magic book by noel daniel. the rabbit in the violette dress is from a magic book called the visitors and it is by charlotte cory & the wonder lois fuller dancing away is from the book the metamorphosis of loïe fuller.


somewhere between what she
survived, and who she was becoming,
was exactly where she was meant to 
be. she was starting to love the
journey. and find the comfort in the
quiet corners of her wildest dreams.
they say people don't change....well,
she wasn't always this way. even if
she didn't change the entire world,
she would change her part of it. and
she would affect the people she
shared it with. a butterfly whose
wings have been touched, can indeed
still fly. whether something was
meant to be, or meant to leave,
didn't matter as much anymore. she
would soak up the sun, kiss the
breeze, and she would fly

i wish you a magician thursday
stay brilliant

Sunday, November 22, 2015



i am working on my next project i call "i am love". it's for the swedish church magazine here in london. i have found my location:))) i am just waiting for it not to rain or be so  horribly windy...!!! i have my dress:)))  and the below are my inspirations. when i have it made i am gonna transform the image to an all creamy pastelly dreamy perfection magic wonder:))) 

the butterfly

i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i

geltzer & tikhomirov
 pas de deux, 1913
loie fuller
danse serpentine by lumière brother

 my location
 had a playdate with photoshop:) this is actually 3 photos. one of the sky, one of the temple and a selfportrait of me from the series i call i am a dream! 

anyways, see me dancing around here being love?

happy sunday beautiful creatures

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


i went to a marathon life drawing class on saturday:) my first ever! was a tiny bit nervous but when i met the other wonderful people there and when the model finally arrived, it was all fine. on top of it all the models name was alice:))) it was meant to be don't you think?

when the class started it did get intense, i almost thought i was gonna pass out of stress haha. you see, we started with 3 poses and we had 3 minutes to draw her for each pose. then we got 3 more poses but 5 minutes to draw..!!! i have never drawn a live human being in my life so you can only imagine to create a drawing in 3 minutes. funny enough it freed me to just do, to just draw without thinking. i liked the 15 & 25 minute poses more though. and the last pose was so much fun, we almost had 3 hours for that one. 

i wish i had saturday's like this all the time. 
or every day rather.

our room:) see my spot???

this was my second drawing from the 3 hour pose

in the end i was tired and that is when i started drawing my hearts haha.

my 15 minute pose sketch

the talents in my class.....!!!!!!!!!!

i can not for my life remember the names of the 2 above artists but will fill in this info when i have it:)

this art work is created by the 
very very very 
stella cardew
it was such a gift to have met this lady. she was SO kind to me! curious about me. i think she is one of those whom is a curious person, such a wonderful trait.

as you know, i created my vera character on my birthday. here is a tiny taste of her.

farmer's wife

i am now planning my next character i call i am love.
 one inspiration is this poem:

the butterfly

i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i

i wish you a beautiful rest of our tuesday
stay brilliant

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Birthday Creating Vera

yes today is my birthday:)

 and it turned out that today is/ was a sunshine day so that i could create the character that i have based upon my grandma vera. i was her today in my own cute way.
 just got home and transferred my images to my computer and opened up in lightroom to have a tiny view:) i feel good but will wait with going trough further until tomorrow afternoon after art class & ballet. 

i wanna say thank you to victoria of the bardou for my beautiful blown dried hair (and for the lovely conversation) which i was treated to yesterday thanks to alessandra of jpr media whom invited me:) 

this is me this morning on my way to the train that was to take me to richmond.

meet bondmoran 

beyond retro gunne sax dress
 threads vintage apron
antique cross necklace
dr martens boots

i treated myself to daphne's diary on my way home so now is to devour that with a glass of wine to celebrate birth.

love to you all
alice solantania saga