Monday, February 08, 2016


a today outfit:)

fit for a year of violette's
vintage outfit

vintage dress
antique cross necklace
burberry violette flower printed flats

here are some inspirations for my year of creation:)) i am to do a series of angels!

this cupid is photographed by


sadly i do not know who has created the above magic, if you are one of them or if you know of whom has created any of the above images, please let me know as i will credit you/them.

having such fun learning imovie:)))

the rest of this week will be devoted to create issue 1 by the faerie tales of violette, pagan poetry. EXCITED!!!

i wish you all a beautifully creative week full of smiles

Thursday, February 04, 2016

My Quirky Yummy Ballerina Art Tuesdays:)

i fell in love with a young man today & he has no idea. i noticed him while waiting for the train at denmark hill to take me to victoria station, he looked impeccable. the suit and jacket with shoes was designer top to toe, or maybe not, since he would be one of those that no matter what he wore it would look designer. the round harry potter glasses:) the quietness and calmness of him. then the train came and i sat down to rest to some music. 8 minutes later waiting for the sliding doors to open at victoria he stood next to me and i thought to myself...this young man will do great in life. then busy off to the tube/ subway and i happen to walk behind him when suddenly down the stairs he apporached a lady with a baby in a carriage, he offered to carry up the carriage. if you are a londoner you know that victoria station does not have a single elevator. i was in love. he made my day happiness. the only thing i regret is that i did not stay to say thanks...thanks for his existence!

but this was not what my post was to be about:))) 

i adore my tuesdays. not only do i have ballet & art class, it is too my yummy day full of peanut butter & chocolate:))) and some magazines to devour!!! i created a little film for you. enjoy it!

again, join an art class. it is such happiness for ones soul.
still life art class
my work station:)

as a child & teen i danced for about 30 hours/ week. i am finding my way back surely yet slowly!

the family of 3

when i am guiding you around peckham rye park, this is what i am talking about:)


my ever first self-portrait, actually the first click!
recognize the tree from my movie:)?
wearing my step-mom's dress from the 70's
cherry blossom tree

dying swan

i make chocolate "sandwiches":)))!!!
a middle full of peanut & almond butters:)
for lunch & dinner
almond butter

i love daphne's diary, flow & pop
daphne's diary
natalia vodianova is on the cover of pop. i adore her. i have worked with her some years ago when i was at the times. it was a "party" together with her (then) husband and his friends with maria-carla boscono & frankie ryder. natalia has SUCH energy! she shines, i think it is called charisma:)

i captured a polaroid of natalia wearing dior and her grandma's pearls
natalia vodianova
happiness perfection!!!

i have gotten almost all the material for my first magazine, pagan poetry and monday i am to start laying the whole thing out. page by page and am SO excited. i have even started  planning issue 2 & 3. it will be 3 issues / year. it is all about 3. the golden circle. god, jesus & the spirit. why, how, what. alice, linda & violette:)

millions of lovely happiness to you

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Creative Mademoiselle Potter Life


it's been a week of dreamy creation. despite this dreary weather situation it has been a week of wonders. i can recommend more than highly to take part in an art class:)) it brings such joy to ones life. do what you love and do it often beautiful creatures!

this week has been cats, art, ballet & my white lady:) mornings in the woods and afternoon breaks in the wild garden of peckham rye park.

alice solantania saga

i live for my art class as taught by the lovely wonderful
my friday class was to explore creating egg tempera. such much FUN we had!!!
ultra violet:))) = YES!

at work:)

end of class!
such fun i had exploring:)) thanks joanna!!!

i am too featured in our local magazine in dulwich, se22:) 
i have 
the last word
in its february issue
alice saga

alice saga interview
perfection to be featured in the valentines issue:)
thanks angela!!!

 my afternoon breaks are spent here
the beauty of peckham rye park's wild garden
wild flower garden

my voice sometimes;0)))) 
i can only say

a tiny glimpse of my week:)

whoever uses
the spirit
that is in him
is an artist.
to make 
living itself
an art,
that is the

- henry miller

i wish you a wonderful sunday
with love

a couple of more things:

yesterday really did end last night
today is a new day
it is all yours:)

-zig ziglar

remember that whatever you create, how you look etc what your ego tells you negatively, there will be someone whom will adore exactly that. in art class the other day, another student, lis groenveld was to throw her art work away when i happened to blurt out how much i adored it! she gave it to me:)
i will treasure it

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dilka Bear & Fair Rosamund

magical fairy tale wonders

two of my absolute fave artists in this world is to be featured & interviewed in my pagan poetry. so gratefulness happy:) i am creating a magazine that is my dream.

dilka bear

dilka bear

dilka bear
images above by dilka bear is from my very treasured  book
can be bought here!


here is the magic of

lauren saxton
 all paintings by lauren saxton which i found on pinterest and then had a moment and created a magic collage. such beauty!

i have talked about my to come magazine before, click here & here if curious:)

i'll leave you with this

live your dream
share your passion

from my book
a magic story
to be found here:)

happy friday

alice solantania saga