Monday, November 28, 2016


a new chapter in my life is happening:)))
one based out of epping essex

epping forest
 i have started exploring my new neigbourhood

the above magic can be found in the south of epping forest. this pond which includes a swan family is the boating lake by higham's park. started my adventure happily in this forest on friday and ended up lost  (literally for about 2 hours...)in its vastness...!!! i thought i could tackle this whole forest in a few hours:))) hallelujah was i mistaken. 

i feel so grateful and happy for this new journey to take place finally. this area is filled with peace and quiet, surrounded by the wonders of the forest yet very close to central london ( i am on the central line) where all my art, ballet and gymnastics classes are taking place.

 i am to devour the forest, get to know it fully and creations are to happen the anna pavlova candy cake fairy tale witch way;0)!

at the moment
organizing my new flat. 
i am taking my time because i want this space to feel special. a place to feel be joy. one filled with cuteness magic inspirations.

antique dolls
 amorina & vera

faerie tales of violette life
 finally is being build in its complete
magic roses

me the other day coming back from exploring a world of shops in stratford before heading home to epping and our charity shop ecco where i found a new addition to my little "family":)
antique doll

many books & magazines and such thingies on the floor at the moment
fairy inspirations

the magic of advent calendars
vintage advent calendars
 can you believe it is almost december1st???
alice solantania saga
 wearing a meadham kirchhoff for topshop blouse
jack wills cordoroy skirt

while walking around the other day i found this beautiful mural by jane mutiny!
the magic of owls


i found my lake:)

"and now i'm in water
surrounded by flowers
whose petals i've cried
over hours and hours.
my heart has grown heavy
and i'm starting to sink,
my hair turns to willow,
my eyes cherry-bloss pink,
returning to flowers 
is all i can think.
from out of my chest
 sprout blue hollyhocks
all round me is silent 
but the sound of a clock
and the roll of the water
 as it circles my face
like translucent lace;
the veil of my watery pall."

i can finally start living my life again
faith hope love 
alice solantania saga

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Faerie Tales of Violette Tinkerbell Cinderella News;0) and such thingies!!!

the three little kittens 
 the magic of birthdays

november 12 
it was my birthday on saturday, i had wished for a tiny party with my best friends but life wanted different. i was gifted the above card (is it not adorable???) by sue whom too spoiled me with gifting me a cuteness porcelain doll:)) i too had wonderful moments in epping, a place i am to spend a lot of time in these coming days. i am to find magic places in its woods. or fingers crossed i will.

next year my birthday party will happen though

since i am inbetween everything
(life happens as usual)
 i am re-working basically
everything anything 
here is a
from my 
summer faerie flowers
alice saga
also going through my photos on my iphone.
found this painting while on a date
and the beginning of my
journey began:)))
trinity magic
this piece of art is to be found at the national gallery in london
bartolome esteban murillo

alice is japanese for sun
sunshine :)))
how i wanna be the joy
such valuable info!

i am working on our 3rd issue.
our faerie editor
shows her 
works in progress:))) 
lisa lily rose

some more additions:))

photographer: jenny lexander
stylist: linda portman 
linda portman

photographer: cinderella
stylist: tinkerbell

the magic
dara scully
the magic 
katie eleanor
will be part of our family
faerie tales of violette
from now on as well

a tiny memory:))
 3 years ago:)))
 violette happened at the thursday antiques market in spitalfields
photo by my love jenny
alice violette saga doll happiness

"when we nourish
ourselves with 
good people,
scenery, love,
magic, beauty and
self-care, we radiate light into
the world and
sharpen our
vision, perception,
and clarity all at
once. this in turn
spreads to other
beings which
spreads to even
more. remember
that one tiny drop
can raise an ocean.
keep wanting.
desiring. doing.
breating in the 

sweet things."


alice solantania saga

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Flowery Child in Time Magic Beginning

happy wednesday to you all:)

how are you doing? how is fall happening for you? here in london it's been delicious weather wise:) today though it seems rain rain rain is to happen, but i am to keep my smiles up with delicious coffee at my new fave place in bermondsey which will make sure of this:) also the fact that i am again feeling like i am actually creating again = i am alive:))) gratefulness comes out of that. now there are only those slippery slopes days to fix. 

oh and a trump is now a president. how on earth did this happen? i guess the only thing we can do is to start here in our own little community to try a change, with kindness! to fight for a fair society where in the end it will be less anger and more of an equal level of quality of life for us all, not only spared for a few. empathy! i was gonna say that this is not a political blog but actually that is not true since life & society IS politics. 
the lovely rob bell created a wonderful podcast episode 

as of in my life though
picked up my new photos as created late this summer/ early fall!
the theme of my fall 
wild flowers

art class with my dear teacher
she is the creator of that lovely watercolored leaf
with some cuteness magic notes to go with
joanna mccormick
yesterdays class was such fun
joanna mccormick
patience is certainly needed when drawing/ painting flowers:)
art school

art school

the below photo is from friday's art class which covered abstract art. learned techniques that of pollock and rothko as taught by joanna.
art school


thomas carlton adult school

as always brought my disney notebooks! 
was given a gift by sue, 
she was visiting her family in wales
 where she found this lovely heart that is so tasha tudor like:))) 
the gesture
warmed my heart
monday i took a walk to nunhead cemetery. it was such a lovely day. i just love the victorians.
nunhead cemetery

coffee time:)))
petitou cafe
finally have a couple of places where i devour its coffee and crowd!!!
fuckoffee in bermondsey
petiou in peckham
petitou cafe

georgia o'keefe
whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, 
there is no such thing.
making your unknown known is the important thing.

found this quote in my art school/ class
- georgia o'keefe 

faerie tales of violette news:)))

as you may know i have started working seriously on our 3rd issue, child in time as created by me for the faerie tales of violette! i am so happy to announce that the talented photographer/ artist
 katie eleanor 
will be part of our family from now on.
a taste to devour of her work:
katie eleanor

katie eleanor

katie eleanor
 the magic of katie eleanor:)))

i have a couple of more announcements to make in regards to collaborators of our next issue:) for this though you will have to wait until my next little blog post:)

a need now:)))
encyclopedia of flowers
art words
went to a meeting at the wonderfully inspiring book/ magazine store in shoreditch, art words and found this amazingly beautiful book! fits with the botanical theme of my week does it not?

wanna leave you with this:)))
such inspirations!
the other day i created this inspiration board
which i named
 the faerie tales of our princesses
magic by alice saga
such loves right:)? 
all images in my board are saved in my pinterest account
some of the wonders though are created by the artsits: dilka bear, k y craft, lauren saxton, paulina gora, yishu wang, susan wheeler and me!

faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

a tiny thingy more:)
playing with  this new!?app videorama
buckingham palace and the thames

on my way pavlova style to perform one of our magic performances at the castle;0)!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Angels With Some Harry Potter Anaïs Nin Violette Magic Happiness

hey wonderful creatures!


how are you all? did you have an adventurous halloween? or a quite one? here in our wonderland we continued on as usual with ballet and gymnastics classes:))) today was back to art class. things are too happening in my private life:) it  = moving forward towards new paths. i am starting to feel excited!!! 2017 is on my mind already while starting to work on our 3rd issue by the faerie tales of violette which is to be named child in time.

 finished book 6 of harry potter yesterday and this morning i started book 7. i do not ever want this wonderful story to end. such imagination such inspiration such magic. i wanna live in that world. so potter mixed with the new yorker radio hour with tim ferrisyou made it weird plus npr's wait wait don't tell me laugh out loud fun:)))


"i disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. i refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. to enter ordinary relationships. i want ecstasy. i am a neurotic — in the sense that i live in my world. i will not adjust myself to the world. i am adjusted to myself. "
- anaïs nin

some other thingies:)

just finished this piece in a new variation. it's a behind the scenes photo i captured while linda, my sister, styled this lovely girl:) put some art magic to it before photographing it again plus put the image in the wondrous hands of photoshop:)
alice saga

end of summer i played with various techniques 
using my canon rebel camera
wild flower garden

in today's art class:)
violette amorina portman
works in progress plus notes by my art teacher joanna

a couple of week's back
art school

me in one of my fave dresses
(by the way, i photographed one of her collections for odalisque magazine a few years back, here is a taste and some of my diana prints here)
another one fave
a vintage 30's flowery printed tea dress:)
vintage style
with antique cross necklace, vintage bangles, prada belt & office ballerinas!

need to share:)))
found this cuteness on pinterest the other day
such adorabelness 
don't you agree?
faerie princesse
macoto takahashi

once in a while
we all have our own sort of pleasures;0)!

ohlalala haha

the season of 
new beginnings
the violette cyan kind
i did "sort" of 
play with its colors;0)
a magic morning in the park of peckham rye

i wanna end with the wonders 
lady gaga

i confess i am lost
in the age of the social
on our knees, take a test
to be lovin' and grateful
doesn't everyone belong
in the arms of the sacred
why do we pretend we're wrong
i'm a believer

- angel down

i'd rather save an angel down

this song with her voice

find a beautiful version with her singing this song live on top of a bar in new york city to its happiness citizens delight:))))

so much to share in the near future!!!! 
i wish you all joy

alice amorina solantania saga

i forgot
i too
wanna share
(once more for those who've missed)
a peak into our front/ back cover 
faerie tales of violette
3rd issue
back cover art by dilka bear
front cover:
photography = me
as styled by sis linda
mixed media art work by my other sister