Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Life Filled of Art To Restore Us As Wholes

we do not escape into
philosophy, psychology, and art
- we go there to restore
our shattered selves
into whole ones.

- anaïs nin
from in favor of the 
sensitive man and other essays
(mariner books, 1976)

my now
art art art
to make sense of it all
the golden circle of violette
a beginning of our next journey

 sometimes being a milkmaid love
for my dear sue & tia:)))
of course wearing wonderful vintage
blonde as created by the wonder love

exciting news:)))
in about a week i have a meeting with my fave magazine store in london in regards to my faerie tales of violette world. this place in shoreditch always gives me immense joy. afterwards visiting this place; i usually go somewhere near to devour a glass of wine.

as i am sure you know (if you visit me now and then), i am on a journey which finally has settled down a tiny bit so am feeling calmer that all will work out for the best. it means that i am recently back in art class as normal. joanna mccormick happiness:)

the below works is from my
 last summer's flower of the faeries project
wearing one of my fave sunshine fairy tale dresses:)
this image is SO fake:))) i am blaming joanna hahaha!!! who told me to pretend rubbing out the paper from my image transfer mixed media thingie for her image hahaha. whatever joanna wants she gets.
recognize me?

can't remember why but this past thursday i had to be in shoreditch and since thursday's = the antique market in spitalfields that is where i ended up.

yes she ended up being mine:)
the beauty of glenda!

so sue! the magic of sue the kindness of sue. her fluffiness cat tia has finally let me in. this morning i for the first time fed her:))) finally she is stroking me purring at me which brings me enormous pleasure and joy.

as you may know,
 the fashion weeks has just happened. i fell in love again (finally) with marc jacobs.
this look below though
 as created by
won my heart
spring 2017 perfection
image from vogue

at last
at a work in progress
it is from my flower faeries project 
which will be part of
golden circle of violette project:)
magic ghost like angelic projections

for what it's's never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. there's no time limit. start whenever you want. you can change or stay the same. there are no rules to this thing. we can make the best or the worst of it. i hope you make the best of it. i hope you see things that startle you. i hope you feel things you never felt before. i hope you meet people who have a different point of view. i hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you're not, i hope you have the courage to start all over again.

listen to the wise words
f. scott fitzgerald

it's never too late or too early

alice solantania saga

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sweetness Charities Happenings

hey beauties!

tiny news in the world of mine!
 this past week has been life changing for me and it will continue to be for a little bit more time. while it has and is much sadness there has too been such beauty happenings such as, meetings. findings. a beautiful close friend. charity. gratefulness. london.
faith hope love
a journey

wanted to share 
 love inspirations of mine:)))
and a few other thingies

flower beauty
 vintage photo

rimel neffati

tim walker

vinage photography
 the butterfly girl:)

faerie tale art
 such faerie tale
edward robert hughes

tiptoe stream
tiptoe stream

mary pickford
 the wonder mary pickford as a child

hans christian andersen
hans christian andersen
and his
cuteness tale 

if you do know who created the wonders i have not credited 0r linked,
 please email me:
it would be of such value:)

me about a week ago when my hair was still kind of
violette blue:)))
vintage outfit
vintage dress & bangles
office green as can be envy ballerinas

re-working some of my photos
just to focus on creation 
instead of worry thingies
sexby garden
the above image is a triple exposure from a lovely spot in peckham rye park and its sexby garden

mixed media angel art
this mixed media piece is an image transfer upon an old music sheet that i then photographed and put some photoshop magic upon.

at this moment 
while all things are happening
 i find it the perfect timing to plan 
my 3 year art project
the golden circle of violette
fine art project planning
 loads more details/ plans has been added by now:)

my love sue's wonder
 you should hear her singing:)))
sheer brilliance cuteness

addicted still to timehop
selfies me
selfies of alice

today was such a day and i filmed almost every second. am to create a little documentary of a saturday wandering in london as an alice;0)!

anaïs nin


i am an exciteable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger than reason. i am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. anything i can not transform into something marvelous, i let go. reality doesn't impress me. i only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shakles me, i escape, one way or another. no more walls.


thoughts like this is what keeps me going. the wonders and treasures of the good and sadness happenings, how they intertwine and keeps life tremendously exciting, never boring.

we are excitable human creatures

keep seeking only the marvelous



faith hope love
happy weekend
fill it with joy

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


for me the new season started this week:) 
noone can be happier than me in regards to this


back to my ballet/ jazz/ theatre , acrobatic gymnastics, writing poetry  & art classes!

oh dear's happens though;0)!!!

always in the universe of violette

most of the time cute ones thank goodness 

 i tried a new ballet class sort of waaay beyond my capability haha shortly after the start of this class the teacher came up to me, darling what is your name? i said alice...then he smiled and said; well alice how much ballet have you practiced ? i mumbled  embarrassedly....sort of a tiny bit in my teens and some beginners classes last semester:))) he then informed me (like i did not already know...)that  this is an advanced class BUT you are more than welcome to stay:) during this class though he treated me so humbly and gave me hope by praising me when i did things beautifully (me being hopeful...). i am to be back with him since the energetic positive spirit of him was awesome. honestly wherever you are the least skilled person usually means you are in the perfect place to grow/ practice your craft.

 there is SUCH a cute guy now in my acrobatic gymnastics class:))) this is of course exciting but even more so, i am progressing by each week. as someone said on one of the many podcasts i subscribe to, progress = happiness:))) my handstand is getting a million better and my backward rolls finally happens, i am less scared too and trust my teacher 100...i mean  he is the one i trust to help me if need be.

art class finally started. continued working on various art works and finished one of them:)

ballet - pure technique
there are Such Lovely Creatures in this class. pure joy to be part of such a group. it's incredibly difficult but that makes such a wonderful challenge. and we laugh! a lot.

something else
from now on, i am to focus on my crafts for a very special project forming over the next 3 years:) so expect a blog post once a week, probably tuesdays, following this journey together with lots of inspirations i find along the way.

i am so excited:)

how is your week? your past weekend? 

plans for this coming weekend?

my plans are
tomorrow i am to meet the lovely paris and then my writing class will start. i am to focus on poetry for the golden circle of violette i think, filled with fairies and owls and such magic. friday = art and the rest of the weekend will look as described above:)

we are having a summery start of fall  here in london and i am so grateful.
this is the season when we & nature starts all over. to live organically seasonally. to devour each season for its own beauty like appreciating everything and all of us for our unique sensibilities and beauty. we are one!

the sun was casting its love upon these beauties
which i captured
in to a 
peckham rye park

beginnings are confusing times so please bear with me:)

here are
some thingies that are developing 
for my
golden circle of violette
faith hope love

my third ever written poem

a calling of angelic joy
mixed media art

the poem ended up on top of this mixed media piece
which i created
 for my faith hope love project and was not yet sure how to proceed expect i knew i wanted a message, little did i know that a poetry class was to arrive:)

this is the piece i finished in tuesday's art class
joanna, my teacher,
 call it
a pea soup:)))
so that is what i'll name it
mixed media art
in art class
see the work in progress piece?
southwark adult learning centre
another works in progress
am to soften up the edges of the photo with encaustic art (beeswax with pink pigments i think).
art school

mixed media
the photo is a double exposure of jessie dunne wearing valentino.

 checked my timehop the other day...this SO feels honestly ages ago now. i was such a different person then and we are talking only 3 years ago. anyways, i was a behind the scenes photographer for crash magazine during london & new york's fashion weeks. my first show to cover was tommy hilfiger! 

a tiny taste
orla kiely
orla kiely

edie campbell

for my art

i am in love with this painting.
how can one not be?
edwin landseer
a midsummer night's dream
titania and bottom
edwin landseer

titania is the queen of the faeries:) 
those rabbits...!
the magic 
faith hope love 

besides my special project i am now working on our 3rd issue
the faerie tales of violette
to be published november 12
child in time
here is the
 front & back cover
child in time
front by us
back by dilka bear

will bring news very soon in what this issue will cover:)))

until next week
i wish you joy
alice solantania saga

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An Alchemist Magic Universe Filled with Waterlily Joy & Love


how is your week? i hope joy is a present!

in my world...trying to just live in the present. the perfect book has arrived, one that i have planned to read for a very long time but now was acutally the perfect moment:) have you read the alchemist by paul coelho? oh my lord! such teachings. we are love! lessons on how to manage life in a fairy type tale. the version found on audible and as read by jeremy irons = gold!

a child can teach an adult three things:
to be happy for no reason,
to always be busy with something,
and to know how to demand 
with all his might
that which he desires.

next week my art classes will start again:))) the other day though, joanna (my teacher) held an open day and of course i was the first one there. created while devoured her advice for almost 3 hours.
actually tomorrow she will be teaching at the union chapel in north east london, which is for free while meeting other lovely people! there is too coffee and cake. i think tomorrow will be all about color color color.

the other day though:)
art school peckham
finally creating again
art school southwark

i think this piece is finally finished:)
 see this work above? well then it was only a works in progress
mixed media art
so, jessie as photographed by me and styled by my sister linda. jessie wears a dress by peter jensen! it's a digital photo which i created an image transfer of, then i added some acrylics and children's paints to frame. then the other day with joanna i used encaustic art with some violette shades pigments. came home and added some pearl white oil paints and some pink make up glitters from the £ shop. photographed it before putting it in the magic world of photoshop:)

here are some works in progress
not sure what to do next !?
mixed media

angel faith

mixed media
a tiny part of my house at the moment:)
fashion, antiques, dolls, books, music sheets and such thingies
artist house
a kind of family

antique doll
on my way home from art school

girl squad
on my way to acrobatic gymnastics


artist outfit
simon at stunt dolly who does my hair told me about the washing out hair color directions, he knew i wanted to go pale violette. i am in love:) AND it is SO cheap, i think it cost £1.99!

dress & bangles are vintage
h&m sunnies
antique cross
sandals by salt water 

i am love preparation

i have 6 editions/ books filled with illustrations & photographs from shakespeare's plays.
such A treasure.

am devouring now

will happen next summer

see, dear, what thy lover brings;
this the flower with the white wings.
buoyed upon the quiet stream
in the spring it lay dream.

homelike to bestow this guest,
lodge it, dear one, in thy breast;
there its leaves the secret keep
of a wave both still and deep.

child, beware the tarn0fed stream;
danger, danger, there to dream!
though the sprite pretends to sleep,
and above the lilies peep.

child, by the bosom is the stream;
danger danger, there to dream!
though above the lilies peep,
and the sprite pretends to sleep.

 with a water-lily
henrik ibsen

faith hope love
alice solantania saga